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Back in 2007, I discovered this band through MySpace called The Orange.  Upon first listen, I was automatically intrigued by the band, and decided that their music needed to be shared with Ghost of Blind Lemon readers (you can read the article here).  A lot has changed within the band in the nearly eight years since I first wrote about The Orange.  The band is now centered in Dallas and not Arlington, and lead singer Scott Tucker is the only member remaining from the original lineup.  And this band that I once described as “up and coming” has become one of the strongest acts within the metroplex area.  At the band’s CD release party for Sharing Vitamins, Mr. Tucker proved himself to be quite possibly the most entertaining and engaging front man for any DFW band at the moment.  Not only is the live performance strong, but the entire album is full of catchy hooks sure to grab the listener’s attention.

One such listener said that it was the strongest album he has heard thus far this year.  That listener’s name is Courtney Taylor-Taylor.  As in the lead singer of The Dandy Warhols.  Scott first met Courtney Taylor-Taylor back in 2007 after a Dandy Warhols performance at House of Blues.  The two spoke again in 2009 when the Warhols played at Good Records, and Scott mentioned his band The Orange, and Courtney expressed a certain level of interest in the band.  Six years later, Courtney received the Sharing Vitamins CD, and he loved it, and offered to remix the songs on the album.  The band looks forward to the release of Sharing Vitamins: The Courtney Taylor-Taylor Remixes sometime this summer.

With all the attention that The Orange is receiving, I wouldn’t be surprised if the band finds itself succeeding in markets beyond the Dallas/Fort Worth area.  In fact, the band is already receiving some airplay over in Europe.  I would recommend buying your tickets to The Orange’s show this Saturday at Granada Theater.  With the way things are going for this band, there may be fewer and fewer Dallas shows as the band’s popularity continues to grow.

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