Sunday Soundcloud Sixteen – The Second

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Welcome to the second edition of the Sunday Soundcloud Sixteen, serving you supreme sounds by select singers, songwriters, and… uh. bands.  Sorry, I tried, but I couldn’t keep the alliteration going.

  1. (monkeysphere), “Space Monkey”
    Some people will think that the only reason that this song is on the playlist is to promote the big Blog Relaunch Party Saturday night at Double-Wide.  That’s simply untrue.  There are few bands in the area that are capable of putting on as entertaining and engaging of a show as (monkeysphere).  And their sound infuses elements of pop and jazz with their core of ska, making (monkeysphere) one of the most interesting ska acts in town.  Oh, and did I mention that they’re performing Saturday night along with both Uneasy Pilgrim and Ducado Vega and Zenya Vi at by Blog Relaunch Party Saturday night?
  2. Rahim Quazi, “Ghost Hunting”
    I promise, my review of Rahim’s CD release show is coming soon.  I just need to find the words to do it justice, if that’s even possible.
  3. Brave Young Lion, “Girls”
    I liked the songs off of the Same Old Game EP, but if this song is any indication, Brave Young Lion have upped their game.
  4. Home by Hovercraft, “Lie in Your Bed”
    I had the opportunity to speak with Abbey Magill, lead tapdancer at Home by Hovercraft, at Rahim’s CD listening party.  I asked her what was up with the band.  It sounds like Shawn and Seth Magill have been extremely busy in the theater community, leaving them little time for their musical endeavors.  That’s a shame, and I hope to see more HXH shows in the near future.
  5. Prism Cloud, “Bogged Down”
    It seems that the neo-psychedelic movement is really big with the kids today.  Here’s a nice morsel of psych-rock courtesy of Dallas’ own Prism Cloud.
  6. Velvet Guard, “Touch”
    David Trust just released the Innocent Days EP on Bandcamp last week, and it’s a nice trip down memory lane getting to hear these songs.  Velvet Guard never got the breaks it deserved.  Few knew of them, though the ones familiar with their music were as enthusiastic as The Ghost.  With songs like “Begin Again”, “Neutral Display”, and this track, Velvet Guard could have been an intensely powerful force in the music scene.  Mr. Trust from the group is working now as a youth minister in Oklahoma, but I would love to see Velvet Guard make a comeback in the scene.
  7. Annabelle Chairlegs, “Axe Me If I Care”
    The Austin band will perform Wednesday night at Sundown at Granada, along with Pearl Earl.  It’s further evidence of how the kids love the psych rock.
  8. The Demigs, “Welcome to Hard Times (Vacant Houses)”
    I don’t know, this playlist just felt like it needed some Demigs in it.
  9. Migrant Kids, “Thread”
    This Austin band has been gathering a bit of attention in the city, nabbing the title of Best New Act in the most recent Austin Music Awards.  I’m not ready to comment on the band as a whole, but damn, this song is good!
  10. Corner Suns, “Borrowed Time”
    Apparently John Dufilho isn’t involved in enough bands right now.  He felt the need to join forces with Brandon Carr of The Earlies to create this project, described as “neo-psych, baroque pop.”  Yep, more psych.  I can live with it though.
  11. Nervous Curtains, “Cats in the Dark”
    The band will be releasing a new album soon, or so I hear.  If you go Three Links Thursday night, they’ll probably perform a few new songs for you, and maybe throw in a few golden oldies like this song.  War Party and Ghost Bones complete this nice Thursday lineup.
  12. Claire Domingue, “In Her Way”
    There’s something very endearing about this Austin based singer-songwriter.  If you’re looking for snark or sarcasm, look elsewhere.  This is just simple, straight ahead, sweet (OK, maybe bittersweet) music.  Ms. Domingue’s tale of letting go of a love that’s long been lost is beautifully heartbreaking.
  13. Claire Morales, “Hemlock”
    I felt that this playlist needed more than one Claire. I liked Ms. Morales since my first listen to “A Circle’s Flight” over a years ago. The songs from Amaranthine are more energetic than “A Circle’s Flight”, but are every bit as intriguing. I have a feeling that Ms. Morales’ name will become a permanent fixture in the music community.
  14. Dove Hunter, “Dream Catcher”
    If you missed Dove Hunter’s set at Granada Theater last night, you missed out in a big way, and that’s all I’m going to say for now.
  15. Not in the Face, “Single for the Summer”
    Today’s the first day of Summer, so this seemed like a good choice to add to the playlist. It also doesn’t hurt that this song rocks.
  16. Chris J. Norwood, “How Am I Gonna Be Your Rock”
    Don’t let the fact that this is the last song on the playlist fool you into thinking it’s at the “bottom of the list”. No, this beautiful duet between Mr. Norwood and his wife Carrie is just a beautiful way to wrap up the playlist. Truth is, this is the best song Chris has written to date, and his wife’s vocals nearly steal the show. I was hoping to see some shows between the two in the upcoming months, but right now, the duo is focus on the birth of their first child in the upcoming weeks. The Ghost wishes these two the best as they embark on the journey of parenthood, and hope that as time goes by, they will get the opportunity to perform again.
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