Video Premiere: Rahim Quazi, “Ghost Hunting”

Ghost of Blind Lemon is proud to have the opportunity to debut the video for Rahim Quazi’s “Ghost Hunting”.  The video was directed by Matthew Gray (Matthew and the Arrogant Sea), and stars both Rahim Quazi and Ginny Mac as a couple that is in their own way, “Ghost Hunting”.

Rahim has said of the song that it’s a direct metaphor for relationships, and that can clearly be seen in the video.  In fact, the video leaves a certain ambiguity as whether or not Rahim’s character is an actual ghost in the video, or if the couple in question have simply becomes ghosts to each other in a more personal sense.  The initial disconnectedness between Rahim and Ginny’s characters in the video have them playing ghosts to each other, as if both are ghosts walking through their own lives.  This makes it all the more beautiful when the two truly connect towards the end of the video, as if they’ve been able to capture the ghosts each one has been hunting.

The recording of the video itself seemed to have its own ghostly spirits involved, according to Rahim:

“We were looking for a light and airy property with wood floors, a Persian rug and a piano—-bingo! A songwriter friend, Heather Devron, stepped up and offered her property.   We had one more scene to go after a long day of shooting. Just then a torrential down pour created a flash flood. Then the electricity blinked on and off before staying off. We had to finish another day and it was seamless.  The warm brown grand piano was Heather’s grandfather’s. It turns out that the first day of shooting was his birthday. All of us playing his piano must have made him happy.  As far as the freak storm and resulting power outage, it seems par for the course for this mysterious song.”

Both the song and the video have a mysterious quality to them, but in a beautifully haunting way.  Take a moment out of your busy day to watch, and more importantly, connect with this video.


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