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Again, I remind you that you can always find more shows when you click on the calendar option on this site.  I can honestly say that if I list the show on the calendar, I recommend it.

Having said that, certain shows stand out as the absolute best options for the weekend.  Here are those options:

Sealion/Party Static (The Foundry)
These two bands are perfectly suited for each other. They’re complimentary in the sense that both are energetic indie rock bands that know how to get the crowd moving. While both bands fit under the broad umbrella of indie, they’re quite different in their sounds. Sealion (shown above) strives for more of a post-punk/surf rock hybrid, whereas Party Static is more straight ahead dance music, coming off as a mesh between The B-52’s and Romeo Void. The two bands begin their tour together tonight, so go wish them well at The Foundry.
The Holophonics/Madaline/Johnny’s Big Red Rocket/Shaka/(monkeysphere) (Rubber Gloves Rehearsal Studio)
My love for (monkeysphere) is quite well documented at this point, and that would be reason enough for me to recommend the show. In addition, I’ll say that everything I’ve heard by Madaline is really good. As for The Holophonics, their music is strong as well. I do have a beef with The Holophonics though. Any band that names a song “U2 Is the Worst Band Ever” loses major brownie points with me. I’ll try not to hold that against them, difficult as that will be for me.
Goodnight Ned (The Londoner – Addison)
If I had a dollar for every time I’ve complained about the lame music scene in North Dallas, I’d be a rich man. I do, however, have to come to the defense of the Addison location of The Londoner. In the past year or so, they’ve featured such acts as The Roomsounds and Birds of Night have performed there. Tonight’s show with Goodnight Ned just helps show that there just may be hope for a North Dallas music scene. Maybe.

Somebody’s Darling/Jonas Martin/The Van Sanchez (Kessler Theater)
I’m not going to discuss Somebody’s Darling, as I’ve raved about them every which way possible. Nor will I spend more time discuss how great Jonas Martin’s Chokecherry Jam Is. No, instead, it’s time to show The Van Sanchez some love. The Van Sanchez play rock music. Dirty, gritty, bluesy rock and roll. There’s a certain reckless abandon in the way the band performs their live set, and it’s worth seeing. Their EP Still a Man is a solid set of tunes, but there’s an intensity to this band that’s going to be hard to appropriately capture on a recording. That means that if you’re headed to The Kessler Saturday, make sure you get there early enough to see what I’m talking about.
Vanessa Peters/Nicholas Altobelli (The Foundry)
Singer-songwriter fans, have I got a show for you. Vanessa Peters plays an all too rare performance here in Dallas. Anyone who is a fan of Aimee Mann’s sound should immediately check out her music. Songs like “A Good Judge” and “Afford to Pretend” display her ability to write lyrics that both intrigue the head with their wit and cut to the core of your heart. Nicholas Altobelli’s no stranger to writing emotionally intense lyrics, and I’m still impressed by the strength of the songs on Searching Through That Minor Key. This may not be the feel good show of the year, but you won’t find a lineup this weekend that’ll yank your heart strings harder.
Un Chien/Criminal Birds (Trinity River Tap-House)
This is the first in the Hand-Picked series at the Tap-House, hosted by HandDrawn Records. The label’s own Un Chien headlines the evening with their accessible brand of heavy psych rock, and openers Criminal Birds have been quietly yet consistently churning out strong songs for the past two years. Put the two together, and you’ve got the best show happening in Funkytown this weekend.

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