Hands Across Deep Ellum

hands across deep ellum

There comes a time when we heed a certain call.  When the world must come together as one.  There are… wait a second.  I’m quoting from the wrong 1980’s benefit song.  Let’s try this again.

My friend Veronica Young (Hungover With V) is putting together an event called Hands Across Deep Ellum, an obvious nod to the 1986 event Hands Across America.  The idea came to her and Ducado Vega as they were brainstorming ideas to promote his video release show August 1st at Ash Studios.  The goal of the event, which takes place July 31st, is to create a chain of connected people from Ash Studio all the way to Deep Ellum.  Here’s the press release about the event that I received minutes ago from V.

In an attempt to promote local artists and musicians in the Deep Ellum Community we are hosting the first EVER “Hands Across Deep Ellum” event! We will create a human link of artists from Deep Ellum (Location TBD) to Ash Studios. Calling all photographers, musicians, artists, comedians, bloggers, filmmakers, etc., to come out and hold a hand, hand out your promo materials, tell some jokes, sing a song, snap some photos, all while we attempt to create a human link!

With so many shows going on in Deep Ellum and so many places to attend, to be, to see, why not spread the word together, holding hands??! Sure, we can share and post on social media, but we all know there’s nothing in the world better than human contact!!

This is our attempt to bring awareness to local artists and to give them thanks for what they do for our community! What better way than holding hands?! (Bring cash if you’d like to purchase swag while we get the whole hand holding thing on lock down.) If you’d like to volunteer to help coordinate this event, please contact: Veronica at hungoverwithv@gmail.com. Any Media Inquiries, please contact: hungoverwithv@gmail.com.

P.S. If you have a GoPro, please bring to film your point of view!! You can submit all footage to: hungoverwithv@gmail.com (We will create a video montage of the event!)

For more details, and to keep up with how this event progresses, go to the Facebook event page, and RSVP while you’re there.  While the original purpose of the event was to promote Ducado Vega’s Video Release Party, I feel the event has already grown into something bigger than that.  This is a wonderful opportunity for creative types and fans of the artistic community to network and rally together.  I firmly believe that such an event can help strength the Dallas music community.  So let’s feed the world and let them know it’s Christmastime.  Sorry, I couldn’t help myself.

UPDATE: Veronica has informed me that Kettle Art will be the starting event of the location. The chain will start there, and reach all the way to Ash Studios.

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