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Psych rock has made a huge comeback in the past year or so, and one of the best local bands of that genre would definitely have to be Moon Waves.  One might think that a band so near the top of its game would be comprised of veterans of the local music scene, but that is clearly not the case.  Moon Waves is a young band, not only in terms of band history (they began in September 2013), but also in the age of the members (all under 21).  Yet their album Try Harder, Little Hypnotist comes off as anything but amateurish.  The fuzzed out, reverb drenched guitar tones on this album, mixed with the droning vocals of John Kuzmick, displays the band’s commitment to an authentic psych rock vibe.  The album is filled with catchy songs of the genre, such as “Problems” and “She Comes Around”, which help demonstrate why Moon Waves has deservedly become such a popular band within the local music scene.

The band is now trying to make waves outside of Dallas with its first tour.  Tonight’s free show at The Crown and Harp, featuring Dead Mockingbirds and Psychic Killers, marks the beginning of the tour.  The poster below shows all the dates of the tour.  Also below is the visually impressive video for their song “Problems”.

moon waves tour




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