“Something More” for You This Music Monday


The time to Rise is coming soon.  After years in the local music scene, Emmeline is working on her first full length album, to be titled Rise.  Em (as her friends call her) has granted me the privilege of debuting “Something New” on the blog.  I suppose it’s likely the lead single from the upcoming album.
At first listen, it seems like classic Emmeline.  In my ways, that’s not an unfair statement.  The sweetness and beauty in her vocals is something her fans have come to expect.  Yet there’s something new and fresh in this song.  First off, the production on this song is above and beyond anything on any of her EPs.  The sound is fuller and richer than before.  Also, it feels like Emmeline has struck the perfect balance between her appreciation for popular music without succumbing to any of the cliched traps of the genre.  Her lyrics remain as sharp and honest as ever.

The Ghost looks forward to sharing more songs and news about Emmeline in the coming months.  In the meantime, I encourage you to listen to “Something More”.  The song is a bright ray of sunshine on this gloomy thing called Monday.  And I’m not talking about the forced, fake happy kind of sunshine.  The song radiates from a place of honesty, which makes this song a true ray of light.  Listen and I’m sure you’ll agree.

Emmeline, “Something More”

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