The Orange and Others at Granada Theater: Photos by Brooke Adams


Brooke Adams, who works with Handdrawn Records, was kind enough to let me share her photos from The Orange‘s June 20th show at Granada Theater with you.  It was a fabulous shows with great sets from not only The Orange, but also The Azalea Project, Exit 380, Dove Hunter, and Jetta in the Ghost Tree.

The Azalea Project


Exit 380


DSC_8844editBW DSC_8835editBW DSC_8835edit DSC_8819edit DSC_8788edit DSC_8768editBW DSC_8753edit DSC_8744editBW DSC_8693edit DSC_8675edit DSC_8658edit DSC_8648edit DSC_8616edit DSC_8580edit

Dove Hunter

DSC_8963edit DSC_8956edit DSC_8926edit DSC_8918edit DSC_8898edit DSC_8888editBW


Jetta in the Ghost Tree

DSC_9075edit DSC_9061edit DSC_9011edit DSC_9004edit DSC_8999editDSC_9121editDSC_9121editDSC_9114editBWDSC_9096edit

The Orange

DSC_9217edit DSC_9212edit DSC_9207edit DSC_9181editBW DSC_9181edit DSC_9177editBW DSC_9167edit DSC_9158edit DSC_9135editBW



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