Top 10 Things to Know This Tuesday: 7/14/15

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A little fact about me: I love lists.  More to the point, I love a good countdown.  Maybe it’s all those weekends of listening to Casey Kasem count down the Top 40 hits in the nation, week after week.  Whatever it is, I love making numbered lists.  Combine that with the fact that it’s hard to mention all the local news worth mentioning, and what do you get?  You get the Top 10 Things to Know This Tuesday.  So, on with the countdown.

  1. I saw Blue, The Misfit perform live for the first time Friday night at the Red Bull Sound Select Show, curated by Central Track (not Parade of Flesh as I incorrectly stated on the blog).  Blue is awesome.  OK, that’s probably not breaking news to most local music fans, especially those in the hip-hop world.  Point is, don’t be as late to the game as I was.  Check out Child in the Wild, and specifically the song “Love” featuring Snow tha Product.  Props to Blue’s very creative sampling of Queen & David Bowie’s “Under Pressure”.
  2. I’ve wanted to incorporate more music outside of the DFW on the blog.  Well, I stumbled on a Bandcamp page for a San Antonio group called Coolers.  They classify themselves as noise pop and noise rock.  I hear much more jangly pop in their melodies than noise.  Either way, their album Taargus Taargus is well worth a listen.
  3. My friend Clay Pendergrass is opening up for Diamond Age Thursday night at Dan’s Silverleaf under the name of the dj ewi project.  It’s a very experimental and intriguing take on DJing, and one of the few DJ sets that’s truly compelling.  Perhaps it’s his ability to incorporate live instrumentation with his turntablism.  Whatever it is, I suspect fans and non-fans of electronica would find dj ewi very compelling.
  4. Lysandra Chapman, formerly of The Chloes, is fronting a new band called Paper Saints.  You can hear some of the new songs on their Soundcloud page.  Also, keep the date August 29th open for a Paper Saints show hosted by The Ghost.  That’s all I’m saying for now.
  5. Last Wednesday, the lineup for the Dallas Untapped Festival was announced.  Although most of the performing acts are non-locals, Valise and Birds of Night managed to earn slots on the festival’s lineup, as did Austin based band Ume.
  6. During Kaela Sinclair‘s visit to the UK last month, she had the privilege of performing her gorgeous song “Remnants of” for Oak Sessions.  Gone is the lush orchestration found on the album Sun & Mirror, replaced by a stark, beautifully haunting piano only version.  If you haven’t seen it yet, you need to click here to watch the video.
  7. I know I talked about Moon Waves earlier today, but it’s worth repeating that the band kicks off their tour tonight at The Crown & Harp, along with Dead Mockingbirds and Psychic Killers.  I’m not gonna rave anymore about them today.  If you want my raves, read the article.
  8. Speaking of tours, Sealion and Party Static will be kicking off their Friday night at The Foundry.  Click the photo below to see where the bands will be headed after Dallas.  And if you’re in one of the cities they’ll be in, just know that both bands put on high energy, over the top fun shows.  In other words, don’t miss out.sealion party static tour
  9. Jonathan Tyler managed to get a very nice write-up on the Rolling Stone website regarding “To Love Is to Fly”, his duet with Nikki Lane.  From what I’ve heard of Holy Smokes, it’s the slower, sultry tracks like this one where Mr. Tyler shines the brightest.
  10. Today, NASA released photos taken by the New Horizons spacecraft of the ex-planet Pluto.  These photos show details of what the dwarf-planet looks like, and even show that there is snow on Pluto.  You’re probably asking yourself, “What does this have to with local music?”  The answer is this: absolutely nothing.  But it does serve as a good excuse to share “Pluto”, one of the best tracks off of The Demigs’ album Welcome to Hard Times.
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