Video Debut: Richard Gilbert, “I Love the Night”

richard gilbert

About a month or so ago, Jessie Frye sent me an invite on Facebook to like the page of Richard Gilbert.  And when someone as talented as Ms. Frye passes on a recommendation, you take notice.  So I immediately went to check out Mr. Gilbert’s music.  I liked what I heard of his music, and liked his page.

Yesterday, Mr. Gilbert contacted me regarding the release of a music video of his, I was curious.  I suspect I would like the video.  What I watched however, caught me off guard.  To say that I like the video and the song would be an understatement.  “I Love the Night” is a powerful video and song.  The video, directed by Adrian Samano of Filmhaus Productions, works because of its stark simplicity.  The images of Mr. Gilbert looking at the young couple, walking through the streets of Denton, and performing on the rooftop, are a perfect accompaniment to this haunting acoustic song.

Lyrically, Mr. Gilbert’s style is simple, straight forward, and goes straight for your heart.  Lines like “When I was 15, I made fun of a boy I barely knew/I still look back and think how could I’ve been so cruel” are unsettlingly honest, making the song all that much more compelling.

Mr. Gilbert’s EP release show is August 22nd at Harvest House, along with Exit 380 and Ellie Meyer.  He’s still raising funds in order to be able to release the I Love the Night EP.  If you can afford to do so, click here to contribute.  Mr. Gilbert’s music needs to be heard, as you will be able to see when you watch the video below for “I Love the Night”.


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