Sunday Spotify Sixteen: 8/9/15

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  1. Carry Illinois, “Quiet the Alarm”
    The Austin band kicks off their tour this Tuesday in Denton at Dan’s Silverleaf, and then hops over to play a show the next day at Shipping and Receiving in Fort Worth.  There’s probably not an Austin based band that I’ve talked about more in the past few months than Carry Illinois, and that’s because of their album Alabaster.  Everything on the album seems to be near perfection, whether it be the production value, the songwriting, or the lush and rich vocals of Lizzy Lehman.  If you’re looking for a good weeknight show, look no further than those two dates.
  2. Pink Smoke, “Street Victim”
    When you mention the genre “punk” to a music fan, it’s the equivalent of holding up a Rorschach blot.  Just as everyone sees a different and unique image in the blot, everyone’s vision of what “punk” is seems to differ just as strongly.  Many think first of the Sex Pistols, while others envision Ramones.  Another group envision LA punk groups like Circle Jerks and Dead Kennedys.  Personally, my preferred vision of punk consists of British groups like The Damned and The Buzzcocks, balancing out a rough edge with sharp pop hooks.  Keeping in mind my punk definition, that’s probably why I am such a fan of Weirdorama, the new album by Pink Smoke.  The album could also classify as an EP; the album clocks in at about 23 minutes in spite of ten different tracks.  The tracks are short, sweet, and catchy, and everything that fits my preferred definition of punk.
  3. Dove Hunter, “This Creek Will Rise”
    While my favorite track from Black Cloud Erupt Us is still “No Shelter”, this track comes in a respectable second.  The track’s slow and mysterious vibe embodies what makes DH such a captivating band.
  4. William Harries Graham & The Painted Redstarts, “Foreign Fields”
    I discovered the group through Jaimee Harris, who sings background vocals for them.  Anything that Ms. Harris gets involved with automatically piques my curiosity, and I found William Harries Graham & The Painted Redstarts to be a nice musical treat.
  5. Reverend Horton Heat, “Slow”
    There seems to be conflicting information as to the exact release date of the album It’s Martini Time.  I’m not sure whether the true date of release was July 2nd or August 6th, but it was released in 1996.  So in honor of the 20th anniversary of It’s Martini Time, here’s my favorite song from the album.
  6. Exit 380, “The Love Sleeps”
    Hand Drawn Records has announced that their next Cancer Jam will be held Friday, September 11th at the Courtyard Theater in Plano.  Details about the lineup will be announced this Tuesday, but I strongly suspect that Exit 380 will be a part of the lineup.  It would only be appropriate, as this year’s show benefits Linda Blocker, mother of the Exit 380 frontman.  Ms. Blocker lost her health coverage, along with her job, during the recent corporate restructuring of Radio Shack.  Four months later, she was diagnosed with Stage 4 breast, lymphatic, and bone cancer. To purchase tickets to the event Tuesday, and to find out more information about the event, please go to the website.
  7. Jessie Frye, “Never Been to Paris”
    I’ll be honest, I had a lot of mixed feelings about Saturday’s Local Brews Local Grooves event, and I may have to vent this feelings out on the blog shortly.  I will say, however, that the brightest part of the entire evening was, without question, the performance by Ms. Frye.  There are few people in the metroplex area right now, male or female, who know how to command the attention of the audience like Jessie does.  The majority of her set provided a sneak preview of her upcoming Boys Club EP, performing little of her previously released material.  This is one of my favorites of hers, which she did not perform at House of Blues.  Maybe next time.
  8. Telegraph Canyon, “Wheel to the Garden”
    I don’t know what the general reaction of the new Telegraph Canyon album You From Before is, but I feel that this album is a far more interesting and enjoyable album than their previous effort, The Tide and the Current.  This is a more complex album without as obvious of indie rock anthems as the previous effort, but songs like the lead single “Why Let It Go” and this track have a way of subtly working their way into your consciousness.  And once they get inside you, they’re not leaving.  Period.
  9. Sparrows, “Bring Me the Head of Jose Cuervo”
    My friend Robert Jenkins, head of the former local label Summer Break Records, posted a cool Spotify Playlist, appropriately enough called Best of Summer Break Records.  In its heyday, Summer Break hosted such great acts as I Love Math, Sorta, Happiness Factor (one of Salim Nourallah’s former bands), and Carter Albrecht’s band Sparrows.  This one didn’t make the cut for Robert’s playlist, and I can offer no good explanation for why he would have omitted this Sparrows classic.
  10. Bummer Vacation, “Silver Hands”
    I’ve recently revisited this track released earlier this year, and discovered that I should’ve been paying more attention to this band.
  11. The Bandulus, “She’s Fire”
    In the past few months, I’ve been getting quite an education on ska music from my pals in (monkeysphere).  While I doubt I’ll ever have the expertise on this genre that those in the ska scene have, I’ve picked up on some of the different phases in ska history.  It seems that Austin’s The Bandulus seem to favor the early ska stylings of acts like Desmond Dekker and Prince Buster in their performance.  I really dig their sound.  On a separate note, however, if anyone knows of any strong 2-tone ska artists in Texas, please let me know.
  12. St. Vincent, “Teenage Talk”
    Why did I include St. Vincent on the list?  For one thing, I like her music a lot.  Also, to be honest, I wouldn’t mind if I got a few extra hits and reads by including her music.  Hey, I’m just saying out loud what all the other websites think but never say out loud.
  13. The Wheel Workers, “Burglar”
    I’ve listened more to the band’s album Citizens, and I’m having a hard time figuring this band out.  There’s certainly an eclectic feel to the album, so much to the point that I’m not sure I can tell what the true Wheel Workers sound is.  Still, this song is really awesome.
  14. Salim Nourallah, “Dead Man’s Stare”
    Mr. Nourallah released this song ahead of his latest album, Skeleton Closet, and it’s easily in my Top 10 favorite Salim songs.  I think.  I mean, that list changes so easily, but it’s certainly high on the list.
  15. Brent Best, “Queen Bee”
    I’ve been talking a lot about Mr. Best’s new album, so I thought it was only fitting to share one of the better tracks from Your Dog, Champ.
  16. The House Harkonnen, “Powder Keg”
    I have to keep my readers on their toes.  Most of you don’t expect much in the way of heavier music from The Ghost, but I’ve got to admit that The House Harkonnen are a killer band.  There’s something to the guitar intro to this song that’s the equivalent of something between a burst of energy to a complete shock to the system.  Either way, this is one of the better heavy rock songs I’ve heard in the past five years or so, and I also love the fact the band does a 180 degree turn halfway through and goes into this disturbing, dissonant sounding piano outro.
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