Sunday Spotify Sixteen: The All-But-Not-Enough-Request Edition

Thanks to those who contributed to this list.  And to those who didn’t, well, you’re getting what you deserve in the end.

  1. Cafe Noir, “Window to the Sea”
    Of all the music I’ve seen & heard in Deep Ellum, Cafe Noir stays with me the most. As summer creeps to an end, I’m listening even more than before! – Requested by Clay Pendergrass
  2. MC 900 Ft. Jesus, “Stare and Stare”
    A soulful Curtis Mayfield cover (featuring Earl Harvin on drums, Drew Phelps on bass and Vernon Reid on guitar) that would sound just as fresh if i heard it twice today for the first time. – Another request by Mr. Pendergrass.
  3. The Happy Bullets, “People in Charge”
    I came across this whimsical little tune when trying to find a local studio capable of great recordings. The huge sound on this song helped my decision to record with the fine folks at Junius in East Dallas. The pleasant indie-pop vibe of this song interestingly helps carry the more punk rock message that questions the intelligence of authoritative figures. It makes for a terrific opening track on The Happy Bullets’ 2010 album, Hydropanic at the Natatorium. – Requested by Justin Casey (Uneasy Pilgrim)
  4. Murdocks, “Roar”
    Why I chose the song: Murdocks are an Austin band, who while not officially broken up, seemingly played a big send off show a couple of years back and have been inactive since. However, their influence is timeless. As a 19 year old, I discovered their music on a Nirvana fan forum, and I checked out their website. The music was good stuff. Early 00’s grunge that really spoke to my teenage self. However it was the “Bands we also like to play with” section of their website that was a real life changer. It was there I found DFW bands like Record Hop, The Tah-Dahs, and The Deathray Davies and was instantly turned on to the burgeoning DFW music scene of the time, which at 19 I had no idea existed. “Boy” is a song from their second record and was a detraction from the heavier grunge sound of their first album. It’s a beautiful song and one that gives me all the feels when I hear it.
  5. Svenny Baby!, “Holly”
  6. Mean Motor Scooter, “Gimme What I Want”
    Checkout Svenny Baby’s new album. And Mean Motor Scooter’s self titled EP. Tell them I requested. Great music! – Broke String Burnett of The Phantom Sensation (specific songs selected by yours truly)
  7. Dogdander, “Esther”
    Requested by Nick Durham of The Monco Poncho (song selected by me, again)
  8. Flickerstick, “Catholic Stars and Chocolate Bars”
  9. Jetta in the Ghost Tree, “Clandestine”
  10. Jibe, “Naked in the Rain”
  11. Moon Waves, “She Comes Around”
    All the above bands were requested by Scott Tucker of The Orange; I selected the specific songs. He also requested Hi-Fi Drowning and The Azalea Project, neither of which are available on Spotify. He also requested his own band, The Orange. Someone didn’t read the rules.
  12. Murry Hammond, “Next Time Take the Train”
    Requested by Nicholas Altobelli
  13. Christopher Cross, “Sailing”
    Hey, I was pretty generous. I permitted multiple requests by individuals, most of which didn’t even write as I request. I even warned that if I didn’t get enough requests that some of these artists would be included in the playlist. So don’t complain to me about this or any of the below songs.
  14. Vanilla Ice, “Play That Funky Music”
  15. LeAnn Rimes, “You Light Up My Life”
    Be glad Prince hates Spotify, otherwise you’d be hearing her cover of “Purple Rain” as I threatened before.
  16. Drowning Pool, “Bodies”
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