Ticket Giveaway: Local Brews Local Grooves


My pal Nicholas Altobelli was kind enough to hook me up with a pair of tickets to give away for Saturday’s Local Brews Local Grooves show at House of Blues.  In case you haven’t heard, twenty different local breweries will be on hand whose beers you can taste.  On the groove end of things, Nicholas Altobelli will be playing the event, along with thirteen other acts, including Jessie Frye, The Demigs, Ronnie Fauss, Karyna Micaela, and The O’s.

In addition to the tickets, Mr. Altobelli is throwing in an autographed copy of his latest CD, Searching Through That Minor Key.  But how do you win all this fabulous stuff, you’re asking?  I’m about to tell you.

If I had to choose a favorite song from the album, it would be “Alabaster”.  That might seem like a rather unique song title, but off the top of my head, I know of two other Texas artists with a song of that name.  The first “Alabaster” was written by Kristy Kruger for her album An Unauthorized Guide to the Human Anatomy.  The other song by that same name was released this year by an Austin band.  This Austin band also named their album Alabaster, and Ghost of Blind Lemon was the second blog to share the video of “Alabaster”.  For the record, I thought I was the first at the time, but Ovrld.com beat me to the punch by a couple of hours.

But back to the tickets.  The first person to send an email to ghostofblindlemon@gmail.com with the name of this Austin band will receive the tickets and autographed CD.  Good luck, and be careful typing!

UPDATE:  It’s 3:33 pm, and no one has even tried to win tickets.  Maybe the instructions on how to win are too hard.  I’ll make it easy for you.  Type in the word “Alabaster” into the GOBL search option.  The first result you’ll get is the name of the Austin band whose “Alabaster” video I premiered (sort of).  Make the name of that band the subject line.  Email me.  You win.  It’s that easy.

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