This Show Announcement Will Psych (Rock) You Out!


If you haven’t noticed, psych rock has made a comeback.  I’m not sure that I’ve ever seen the genre stronger in my lifetime than it is now.  Bands like The Black Angels have helped breathe new life into the genre.  The Ghost has taken note, and that’s why there’s a full category in the Ghosty Awards devoted to this subgenre.  With all the excitement surrounding psych rock, however, that doesn’t mean that The Ghost has to shamelessly capitalize on the trendy sound, right?

Of course I’m going to capitalize on it.  Duh.

Ghost of Blind Lemon is proud to announce an amazing night of psych rock happening Wednesday, November 25th, at Kessler Theater.  The night starts with the young lads (and lassie) of Dallas’ Moon Waves.  Their full length debut album “Try Harder, Little Hypnotist” demonstrates a musical maturity that is beyond the age of both the band and its members.  Next in the lineup is Fort Worth based Jetta in the Ghost Tree, led by former Flickerstick lead singer Brandin Lea.  While certain songs on the band’s Clandestine Vol. 1 share a musical kinship with Lea’s former band (most notably in the tracks “Carswell” and “Silhouette”), this project is certainly his most musically ambitious to date.  The other tracks range from sultry and exotic (“The Belladonna Treatment”) to emotionally intimate piano driven pop (“Pontchartrain Eyes”) to straight up psych rock (“Clandestine”).

And headlining the show… drum roll, please…


My apologies for shouting with my typing, but I can’t help my enthusiasm.  I’ve watched The Orange blossom from its modest yet promising start in 2007 to what it is now, which is one of the strongest bands in the metroplex.  The band’s lead singer, Scott Tucker, blends psych rock with elements of Brit-pop and straight ahead rock and roll, creating a feel that is simultaneously familiar yet fresh.  Songs like “James Bond”, “Valium”, and “Blow-Up” have an anthem like quality that few bands have the talent or raw nerve to pull off.  The Orange is all about rock anthems, and more importantly, they’re about bringing the energy of a full-blown, no holds barred rock show.  If you’ve seen them live, you know what an intense, sweaty, invigorating performance they put on.  I’m proud to, for the first time, have them headline a Ghost of Blind Lemon Showcase.

Let’s recap, just to make sure you’ve gotten it all.  The bands are The Orange, Jetta in the Ghost Tree, and Moon Waves.  The venue is the historic Kessler Theater.  The date is Wednesday, November 25th (ticket info coming soon).  Yes, that’s the day before Thanksgiving.  Come see this show, and you’ll be thankful you did.

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