Jaimee Harris and the Future of Mockingbird Lane


About six years ago, I had the privilege of meeting a very talented young lady from the Waco area named Jaimee Harris.  She had been performing as a duo with her father (Better Off Dad), and had just released for first solo EP, Farewell to Texas.  Although only nineteen at the time, songs like “Quicksand” and “Landmines” showed a maturity that was well beyond her years.

Over the past few years, Ms. Harris has spent plenty of time in Austin playing solo gigs, as well as providing background vocals for various artists, including William Harries Graham and The Painted Redstarts, Charlie Faye, and Dallas singer-songwriter favorite Garrett Owen.  Yes, Ms. Harris does love for provide vocal support to others, probably more than any other artist I personally know.  Unfortunately, her solo recording career has taken a backseat to the background vocals.  I’m happy to report that’s about to change.

Jaimee Harris has begun a Pledge Music campaign to help fund her debut full length album, Mockingbird Lane.  And yes, there are rewards for donations, which range from a copy of the new album all the way to an Executive Producer credit on the album.  In between, there are plenty of other cool perks, including handwritten lyrics to a song, her covering a song of your choice, as well as house concerts.  Of course, I think the most fun one would have to be the Whiskey Listening Party for $250, but that’s just me.

Seriously though, Mockingbird Lane is an album that needs to happen.  I’ve long maintained that Ms. Harris could be a presence to be reckoned with not just in Texas, but throughout the nation’s Americana/singer-songwriter scene.  Her voice is as commanding a presence as it was the first time I saw her, and her songwriting skills are only getting sharper.  I offer this video of the song “Creatures” as evidence of my claims.  Enjoy, and if you can afford to donate, please do so.

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