Madi Davis, “Love Is Blindness”


You don’t like televised singing competition.  You think they build instant generic pop superstars that haven’t paid their dues performing night after night. year after year.  Yeah, I hear what you’re saying.  But before you get on your high and mighty soapbox, I want you to watch something.

It’s a video of young McKinney native Madi Davis on The Voice last night singing U2’s “Love Is Blindness”.  Although still in high school, Madi has repeatedly played local venues like The Generator and Opening Bell Coffee.  But forget about the fact that this is The Voice.  Just listen to her performance.  Listen to this young lady sing her heart out, wringing every ounce of emotion out of this song.  Watch her command the stage like a professional artist.

Whatever your opinions of the reality talent shows may be, I think you’d be hard pressed to say anything even vaguely negative about this performance.  Tonight is the result’s show, airing at 7 PM CST on NBC.  I cannot imagine that Madi will not be safe tonight.  With performances like the one below, I’d say Madi Davis just might win the whole competition.

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