Prior to the Awards…


There won’t be enough time to do all the awards tonight, so a few awards will be given out via internet.  Winners of these awards may contact me if you’d like to receive your award.  Also, I’ll be writing about the winners later on this same post, but for now, here’s the list.

Best Alt-Country Act

  • Ghost’s Choice:  Telegraph Canyon
  • Ghosty Award:  Telegraph Canyon

Best Bassist

  • Ghost’s Choice: Chad DeAtley (Dove Hunter)
  • Ghosty Award:  Samantha Villavert (Sealion, Son of Stan)

Best Club Venue

  • Ghost’s Choice: Trees and The Underpass (tie)
  • Ghosty Award:  The Underpass

Best Cover Band

  • Ghost’s Choice: Captain and Camille
  • Ghosty Award:  Hard Night’s Day

Best Music Blog

  • Ghost’s Choice: It feels weird to give it to myself, so let me give major props to The Music Enthusiast, one of the few blogs around here that truly has a heavy focus on local music.
  • Ghosty Award:  Ghost of Blind Lemon (aw, shucks!  Thanks guys!!!)

Best Radio Show/Podcast

  • Ghost’s Choice: Live and Local, KEGL
  • Ghosty Award:  The Paul Slavens Show, KXT

Best Record Store

  • Ghost’s Choice:  Off the Record
  • Ghosty Award:  Good Records

For the rest of the Ghosty Awards, come to The Underpass tonight at 7 PM sharp!!!

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