Sunday Spotify Sixteen: 11/1/2015


Since I’ve posted so little lately, there are so many things I need to get you caught up on.  In fact, I’ve even discovered a few new bits of information since compiling this playlist.  Enjoy this long overdue return of the playlist.

  1. Nervous Curtains, “How to Survive the End of Time”
    The band is back with a new album, Con, which finds the band opting more happy, upbeat melodies about puppies and unicorns and… oh, who am I kidding?  Nervous Curtains is still doing what they do best: making eerie, unsettling synth based rock music.  And I love them for that.
  2. Shearwater, “Quiet Americans”
    My knowledge of DFW music has always been quite strong, but The Ghost is still catching up with acts outside the area.  I’m embarrassed to say that it’s only been a year ago or so when I first discovered Shearwater.  I was immediately struck by the quality of Jonathan Meiburg’s vocals, which bear a striking resemblance to Bryan Ferry.  That vocal similarity still shows up on the band’s latest single, which finds the band experimenting with a more electronic indie based sound.  Expect a full length effort from the band early next year.
  3. Year of the Bear, “Always Leads”
    I’ve always thought it interesting that much of modern psych seems quite removed from its 1960’s origins.  There’s something about the structure in YOTB’s songs that seem to be a perfect balance between the 1960’s pop psychedelia and the modern, fuzzed out psych rock drone.
  4. Emily Shirley, “Starstruck”
    Ms. Shirley sent me an email requesting a review of her new EP, Duotones.  I make no promises about doing a full length review of the EP, but I’ll simply say that it’s good and worth checking out.  “Starstruck”, the EP’s opener, is easily the best track on Duotones, a song that feels like something like Fiona Apple would have done during her Tidal days.
  5. Brave Young Lion, “Bleeding Knees”
    The band just released their latest EP, which I’d recommend you get.  Here’s the title track of the EP.
  6. The Disappearing Act, “Failure Complete”
    For those not familiar with The Disappearing Act, it’s a collaboration between El Paso musician Bob Blumenfeld and Dallas’ own Salim Nourallah.  Mr. Nourallah said of this album that it’s some of his most personal songs to date, and I’d easily rate it in the Top 5 of albums that Salim has been involved with.
  7. Ali Holder, “From My Veins Will Fall”
    Still loving this song.  That is all.
  8. Emmeline, “The Story”
    Emmeline fans should keep a close eye on the blog this week, as you might get to hear a brand new track for her upcoming album, Rise.  Until then, you’ll have to settle for this tragic tale from her debut EP Early Morning Hours.  And by settle, I mean get fully absorbed in this song of beauty and pain.
  9. Red Like Heat, “St. Murderer”
    Simply put, the band’s strongest song to date.
  10. Vodeo, “Pillow Talking”
    Some have labeled the Fort Worth band’s sound as “yacht rock”.  Purists of the genre would likely disappointed, as Vodeo’s sound is more of an indie rock reinterpretation of the yacht rock genre.  Still, there’s a cheesy, campy charm to the band, and “Pillow Talking” comes closest to embodying the yacht rock vibe.
  11. Jessie Frye, “One in a Million”
    Alas, I missed out on Ms. Frye’s EP release party this past week.  I will say that the last time I saw her perform, she put on one of the strongest live sets I’ve seen all year.  Jessie Frye knows how to work an audience.  The only question is how soon will audiences outside of Dallas catch on to her greatness and catapult her onto the national stage.
  12. Andy Pickett, “JJ’s Gettin’ It”
    Mr. Pickett will be performing this Saturday in Fort Worth at The Republic Bar.  Figured you’d want to know that.
  13. Old 97’s, “Stoned”
    November 1st marks the 21st Anniversary of the release of the Old 97’s debut album, Hitchhike to Rhome.  21 years.  Pretty amazing, huh?  That means if the album was a person, it’d be old enough to drink.  Since an album can’t drink, you should instead treat yourself to a drink and enjoy listening to the album in its entirety.
  14. Three Bones, “A Man Falling Down the Stairs”
    One of my favorite songs out of Austin this year was “Hold on to Ya”, the debut single from Three Bones.  I just discovered that the band released its first full length, Haven’t You Heard.  “A Man Falling Down the Stairs” is the album’s opening track, and while it’s not as immediately catchy as “Hold on to Ya”, it does help demonstrate that Three Bones is no one-hit wonder.
  15. Ryan Hamilton, “Take It on the Run”
    I’m not going to lie.  I like the original version of this song.  I also think Ryan Hamilton did a great job of covering this song, bringing an extra dose of sweetness to melodies while adding on even more heartbreak than the original.
  16. Jetta in the Ghost Tree, “Pontchartrain Eyes”
    I don’t want my readers to forget about my show November 25th at Kessler Theater, featuring The Orange, Jetta in the Ghost Tree, and Moon Waves.  Tickets are still available… for now.
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