Sunday Spotify Sixteen: 11/15/15


  1. Jonas Martin, “Let Them Drown”
    Last week, I mentioned that Mr. Martin had released a new single.  “Let Them Drown” kicks off with a 1970’s style bass heavy intro.  The rest of the song layers elements of modern indie and retro synthesizers on top of that 1970’s vibe, resulting in a thoroughly catchy and smart song.
  2. These Machines Are Winning, “Honeycomb Kisses”
    Mr. Silvers and the rest of TMAW have remained extremely busy, releasing their second album this year.  From what I’ve listened to of Architects of Decay, this album is certainly more accessible than their previous effort, Kuru.  The first track off of the album, “Honeycomb Kisses”, is the strongest song TMAW have recorded to date, and I’d argue it’s up there with many of the [DARYL] tracks.
  3. Vodeo, “Pillow Talking”
    It’s hard to listen to this song with a frown on your face.  Go ahead, try it.
  4. Clint Niosi, “What Can’t Be Undone”
    If you’ve been waiting for the feel good hit of the year, then Clint Niosi is not the guy for you.  If you like haunting, unsettling modern folk tunes, then you need to check out his latest album, Captives of Sense.  “What Can’t Be Undone” is certainly moody, but it’s unarguably a compelling, intense track.
  5. Boss Battle, “Jolt”
    Austin based Boss Battle is still proving something of a conundrum for me.  Usually, I can easily peg a band’s sound, and other bands they’d “fit” with, so to speak, in terms of style.  Boss Battle, however, are so unique that one could argue they’d fit in both anywhere and nowhere.  Few bands nowadays have a sound that’s so hard to classify, and yet Boss Battle has continued to boggle my mind.  I’m not sure that repeated listens to songs like “Jolt” will help the classification process.  I guess I’ll just have to keep listening because their songs are damn good.
  6. Moon Waves, “Lapse”
    It annoys me that Spotify insists on referring to the band as Moonwaves.  Apparently someone forgot to use the space key.  But I didn’t add Moon Waves to the list to discuss how to properly write their name.  I added them in an effort to shamelessly promote the show they’ll be playing Wednesday, November 25th at The Kessler Theater, along with The Orange and Jetta in the Ghost Tree.
  7. Dome Dwellers, “Ivory Tower”
    If you like your songs to maintain a constant pace and style, then you might find the transition from the dark, moody, dissonant intro to the bouncy, poppy first verse a little unsettling.  But once you get past that, don’t worry.  There’s only about three or four more mood, pace, and/or style changes throughout the course of the five minute track.  The non-musically adventurous should avoid this track at all costs.  Of course, I doubt there are many people who are averse to musical adventures that visit this blog.
  8. Rebecca Jozwiak, “Sunrise Blues”
    There’s a definite sadness that permeates the majority of Ms. Jozwiak’s solo album, Mechanical in Nature.  The CD is much starker and bleaker than her work with Signals & Alibis.  But there’s also beauty in this album, as is most evident in this track.  It’s still a sad tune, yet there’s a certain sweetness in both the melody and her voice that help “Sunrise Blues” stand out as the album’s strongest track.
  9. The Octopus Project, “The Falls”
    Twelve years may seem like a while, but for a venue to stay open that long is an eternity.  I think that there should be “club years”, much in the same way people talk about a pet’s age in dog or cat years.  The whole point of this digression is that Double-Wide is turning twelve, and they’ll be celebrating this Saturday with performances by The Octopus Project, along with openers New Fumes, LEV, and Rat Rios.  So go help Double-Wide celebrating turning twelve… I believe that’s 84 in club years.
  10. Nervous Curtains, “PMA”
    Here’s another great tune from Con.
  11. Panic Volcanic, “Emily the Strange”
    I’m not sure why, but I just felt the need to add a Panic Volcanic track.  Maybe I was needing the blistering guitar intro of this song.  Maybe I needed to hear lead vocalist Ansley Dougherty’s growl.  Whatever it is, there’s nothing strange about enjoying “Emily the Strange”.
  12. Francine Thirteen, “Lady Mary, The Fire, Pars Una”
    I usually like to think I’m ahead of the curve when it comes to local music, but I have to confess I didn’t discover Francine Thirteen until checking out the Central Track Buzz Rankings this week.  While Francine Thirteen only ranked at No. 27, her vocals, delivery, and everything about her makes her such an intriguing artist that if there’s any musical justice, her rankings will be increasing in the coming weeks and months.  Heaven knows I’m curious to see if she can continue to create innovative tracks like “Lady Mary, The Fire, Pars Una”.
  13. Deep Blue Something, “All Make Believe Off”
    After my post about Deep Blue Something this Thursday, this seemed the perfect opportunity to share this power-pop nugget of the band’s Locust House EP.
  14. Brian Lambert, “The Ballad of Tony Romo”
    I know you come to the blog for music and not sports, but I’m going to go off on a sports rant for a bit.  I’ve heard too many people in the past few years complain about Romo, and stating how much better the Cowboys would be without him.  In the past few weeks, there haven’t been many Romo critics.  You know why?  Because in the seven weeks The Cowboys have been without him, the team has… what’s the word for it… sucked.  Yeah, that’s the word.  So here’s a little tribute to the ever under-appreciated Romo.  And to those who still want to hate on Romo, you can, in the words of Mr. Lambert, “shove off”.
  15. Three Bones, “Oh Daisy”
    The Austin band mixes psychedelic elements with their garage soul on this track, and the result is another great Three Bones track.
  16. Pleasant Grove, “Commander Whatever”
    Someone recently posted on Facebook that they’d received a copy of the upcoming Pleasant Grove CD.  I’m so jealous of that person.  There’s no official word on when the new PG album will be released, but I’m hoping the wait will be over soon.  In the meantime, here’s my absolute favorite song the band has ever done.
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