Sunday Spotify Sixteen: 11/29/2015

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  1. Ronnie Fauss, “Everyone Deserves a Merry Christmas”
    Now that Thanksgiving is over, I assume it’s safe to start playing a few Christmas songs.  Here’s one I’ve always loved from Mr. Fauss.
  2. Pentacon Six, “Nobody Walks”
    Speaking of Christmas songs, Kevin Buchanan’s latest project is in the midst of recording a Christmas song.  In the meantime, you can enjoy the latest from his collaboration with Mandy Hand, also known as Pentacon Six.
  3. Hell Texas, “Horses”
    Fresh off the presses is the new Hell, Texas record.  Taz Bentley (ex-Reverend Horton Heat) started this project up many years ago, and I wondered if any recordings would be released.  Fortunately, Kirtland Records just released the album, and there was a big CD release show last night at Three Links, along with Goodnight Ned and Dead Flowers.
  4. Intake, “Innocent Few”
    Several months ago, I received an email from one of the members of Intake, along with an mp3 of this song.  It’s a song that slowly grows on you, and my sharing it with the GOBL readers is long overdue.
  5. Brave Young Lion, “Bleeding Knees”
    I’m not sure why, but this song has been in my head a lot lately.  Maybe it’s just because it’s a good song.  Sometimes the best explanations are the simplest.
  6. Brent Best, “Good Man Now”
    I have to admit, I didn’t give the Brent Best album enough of a fair shake at first.  It’s not as immediately grabbing as his work with Slobberbone or The Drams.  But this song is vintage Best at his best.  Get it?  OK, I’ll shut up now.
  7. Sad Cops, “Nouns”
    Their description of “post-tweemocore” may scare a lot of people off at first, but there’s something catchy and endearing about this band from Coppell.
  8. The Deer, “Do Return”
    I went hunting for bands outside of the DFW area, and found The Deer.  Now if only the band would send me an LP to hang as a trophy over my mantle.
  9. These Machines Are Winning, “Honeycomb Kisses”
    I missed last night’s show at Granada Theater, but judging by the photos and Facebook comments, TMAW were winning last night.
  10. Last Nighters, “San Diego”
    In my search for out of town bands, I also came across this San Antonio group.  I like this new song of theirs.
  11. Kissinger, “John Bates”
    I often do throwbacks of my favorite Dallas/Ft. Worth bands of all time.  I rarely do that with older Austin bands.  Truth is, during the early 2000’s, no other Austin band was even close to as big in my book as Kissinger was.  Songs like this were the reason I loved this band.
  12. Thomas Csorba, “The Only Home I Know”
    Jaimee Harris sings background vocals on this track.  May I remind you that her Pledge Drive is still going on, and that you should contribute to help her make her first full length album.
  13. Francine Thirteen, “Lady Mary, The Fire. Pars Una”
    Francine Thirteen as artist number thirteen on the playlist?  Not the most original idea I’ve had, but it still works.
  14. Emmeline, “Down”
    Expect a big GOBL concert announcement coming soon.  All I’m going to say is that Emmeline is only part of the lineup.
  15. Nervous Curtains, “Devastator”
    I’m working on my year end list of songs right now.  With most albums, it’s been a really easy call for me to decide which song off the album was my favorite.  Nervous Curtains’ Con, on the other hand, has so many equally solid song choices that it’s proving hard to pick a favorite.  Right now, I’d choose “Devastator”.  I make no guarantees that I won’t change favorites by tomorrow.
  16. Rahim Quazi, “Face in the Crowd”
    This past Wednesday, Dallas lost a true music fan and a wonderful person.  Debbi Bradford lost her fight with cancer.  If you’ve been to shows with Salim Nourallah, Rahim Quazi, Sorta, or almost any Opening Bell Coffee show, you’ve probably met Debi.  It doesn’t seem right to think that we will no longer see her face in the crowd at so many shows.  Her love and support of music and the musicians was treasured by the community, and she will be deeply missed.
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