Sunday Spotify Sixteen: 11/8/15

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The Ghosty Awards are quickly approaching.  Two weeks from today on November 22nd, the ceremony happens at The Underpass.  Not only that, but next Sunday marks the end of the voting period.  I figure now is a good time to examine some of the nominees in this week’s playlist.  After you give it a listen, feel free to vote if you haven’t already done so.

  1. Rahim Quazi, “Ghost Hunting”
    Mr. Quazi leads the nomination field with a total of eight nominations.  Some of the most notable categories he’s up for an award in include Best Live Act. Best Songwriter, and Best Album for Ghost Hunting.  The title track to the album is nominated for Best Song as well.
  2. Jetta in the Ghost Tree, “Reaction”
    Jetta in the Ghost Tree managed a quite respectable five nominations for the band and its member.  The band received nominations for Best Group Act, Best Psych Rock Act, and Best Album for Clandestine, Vol. 1.  In addition, Brandin Lea receiving a nomination for Best Songwriter, while Joe Carpenter was nominated for Best Drummer.  Oh, and don’t forget that the band plays Kessler Theater the day before Thanksgiving, along with fellow Best Psych Rock nominees The Orange and Moon Waves.
  3. Tomkat, “Say Nothing”
    The group earned a nomination for Best Electronic Act.
  4. Hannah Claire, “Every Little Sound”
    The young Ms. Claire earned herself a nomination for Best Pop Act.
  5. The Chloes, “I Can Change”
    It still frustrates me that The Chloes called it quits just I felt that the band was poised for greatness.  Just listen to their Ghosty nominated EP, No Filter, and you’ll hear what I’m talking about.  Many of the former members of the group are keeping busy with Funeral Shoes and Paper Saints.  Among the members of both those acts is Lysandra Chapman, who is nominated for Best Pianist/Keyboardist.
  6. Ducado Vega and Zenya Vi, “Hella”
    I had intended to add “I’m Not Your Exxx” to this playlist, since it received a nomination for Best Digital Single.  Alas, the song is not on Spotify, so I opted for “Hella”, which did received a nomination for Best Music Video.  The duo also earned nominations for Best Live Act and Best Funk/R&B Act, while Mr. Vega was nominated for Best Guitarist and Zenya was nominated for Best Female Vocalist.
  7. Salim Nourallah, “Dead Man’s Stare”
    I doubt there is a more consistently brilliant songwriter in the area than Mr. Nourallah.  It’s no surprise then that he’s nominated for Best Songwriter.
  8. Jake Paleschic, “When It Is Played”
    You can see Mr. Paleschic open for Israel Nash this Friday at Dada.  If you feel so inclined, you can also vote for him in the category of Best Country Act.
  9. The Cush, “One Shot Love”
    The Cush received a nomination for Best Psych Rock Act.
  10. Telegraph Canyon, “Why Let It Go”
    There’s a subtle yet infectious quality to this song, a quality which helped it earn a nomination for Best Song.  That’s not the band’s only good song off the album You from Before, which is evident by the Best Album nomination.  And let’s not forget about the group’s Best Alt-Country nomination either.
  11. Jonas Martin, “You’re So Blues”
    Mr. Martin recently released a new song, “Let Them Drown”, which I’ll share on next week’s playlist.  In the meantime, here’s something from his Chokecherry Jam album, which helped him earn nominations for both Best Male Vocalist and Best Solo Act.
  12. Nicholas Altobelli, “Alabaster”
    Nicholas told me he was disappointed he didn’t receive a nomination for Best Sad Bastard Music.  I told him I didn’t have such a category, as there would clearly be no musician who could compete with him.  He’ll simply have to settle for nominations in the categories of Best Solo Act and Best Folk/Acoustic Act.
  13. Grades of Absolute Truth, “Hearsay”
    The band straddles the line between rock and hip-hop, but they are only nominated in the category of Best Rap/Hip-Hop Act.
  14. The Freeloaders, “Howl”
    To call The Free Loaders simply a Cover Act is an oversimplification.  The group released their debut album, Howl, which show the band blending together elements of blues, New Orleans style jazz, rock, and even punk.  Still, it’s the band’s reputation for great covers (especially when John Jay Myers busts out into some Tom Waits) that earned them a Best Cover Act nomination.
  15. Gaston Light, “Wake Up and Fight”
    Jason Corcoran, the man behind Gaston Light, has released three digital singles over the past year.  “Make Up Your Mind” was released too late for a nomination, but “Wake Up and Fight” did manage a nomination for Best Digital Single.
  16. Dove Hunter, “No Shelter”
    Dove Hunter has a killer rhythm section.  Just listen to this track and you’ll hear what I’m talking about.  That’s why bassist Chad DeAtley and drummer Quincy Johnson received nominations in their respective categories for their instrumental talents.  It’s also worth mentioning that Dove Hunter, along with Jetta in the Ghost Tree and Gaston Light, are on Ghosty nominated record label Idol Records.
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