101: The Best Local Songs of 2015 (101-81)


It’s the end of the year, so it’s time for an end of the year countdown.  There’s nothing new about that.  What feels different, however, is the number of great local tracks released this year.  I’m used to plotting out a Top 40 for the year.  What I realized by the halfway mark of 2015 was that there were too many great songs that would be omitted by a mere Top 40.  That’s why The Ghost is giving you the 101 countdown of the best local songs of the year.

Why 101 instead of 100?  The number 101 is often associated with the beginning level courses of college classes.  It’s all the basics that you need to know.  This list is by no means a comprehensive list of all the talent in the area, as that would take a far great number than 101.  This countdown does represent a good beginning knowledge of the wealth of talent in the local metroplex.  And that’s why the countdown has 101 songs in it.

That, and it’s a way to one up Central Track.

Today, we start with tracks 101-91.  Tuesday through Thursday, the list will feature only ten songs (90-81, 80-71, 70-61).  The countdown will break for Christmas and the weekend, resuming Monday with numbers 60-51, then Tuesday morning songs 50-41 will revealed.

Tuesday night is the big reveal.  I’ll be playing the Top 40 tracks of 2015 live from Off the Record, and the event will be broadcast live on Deep Ellum Radio.  If you have anything planned for the night of Tuesday, December 29th, cancel it.  You’ll be glad you did.

Anywho, on with the countdown.

  1. Intake, “Innocent Few”
  2. TALL, “Back and Forth”
  3. International Bitterness Unit, “Push B for Basement”
  4. The Wife and Kids, “Soundclock”
  5. Spyche, “Heading Out”
  6. Brian Lambert, “The Ballad of Tony Romo”
  7. Griffin Holtby, “Cut the Strings (feat. Camille Schuh)”
  8. Prism Cloud, “Bogged Down”
  9. Blessin’, “Rough Draft”
  10. Foxy & The Hares, “L-O-V-E”
  11. Dead Beat Poetry, “Love It Or Leave It”
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