Sunday Spotify Sixteen: 12/13/15

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  1. Dezi 5, “Travelin'”
    It seems as if the popularity of Dezi 5 in the past few months has kicked into overdrive.  The act has even managed to earn the slot of main support for Trees’ big New Year’s Eve show with Ishi.  While I cannot speak for the act’s live presence, songs like “Travelin'” are certainly catchy enough to make people quit sitting or standing and get them moving and shaking and dancing.
  2. Chomsky, “Christmas Time Is Here”
    Here’s a track from Idol Records‘ first Christmas compilation, Electric Ornaments, back in 2000.
  3. Little Black Dress, “Holidays”
    It took Idol Records another eleven years to release their second Christmas compilation, Idol Christmas.  There’s plenty of great songs on this release as well, such as this LBD track.
  4. Rebecca Jozwiak, “Sunrise Blues”
    OK, enough teasing.  Well, almost.  Tomorrow I’ll announce a lineup featuring Emmeline, Claire Domingue, and Ms. Jozwiak.  There’ll be more on the lineup, but that should be enough to get you excited.
  5. Holy Wave, “Hood Dreams”
    The El Paso psych rock act is back with a new album, The Evil Has Landed Part II.  I guess Evil Hits was part one.  Anyways, the band is still doing what they do best: record cool pysch rock songs like this one.
  6. The Speedlights, “I Feel You Coming On”
    Fans of power-pop should check out the Denton band’s self-titled debut EP.
  7. Clint Niosi, “Manifest Destiny”
    With each album, Mr. Niosi gets more electronic and moodier.  Not that I’m complaining or anything, it’s just an observation.  My favorite bands in high school were The Cure, Depeche Mode, and The Smiths, so I can handle moody quite well.
  8. Hell Texas, “If She Leaves It Alone”
    Not only is the melody stunning beautiful, the lyrics prove Taz Bentley to be a fabulous storyteller.  And if that isn’t enough for you, Mr. Bentley’s vocals towards the close of the song are damn powerful.
  9. Jessie Frye, “Big Bad Wolf”
    Congrats to Ms. Frye on her win at the Dallas Observer Music Awards in the category of Best Pop Act.  She is certainly an artist that knows how to create catchy songs, as well as engage her crowd at live shows.  Oh, and on a completely unrelated night, the photos I’ve seen suggest she looked stunning that night.
  10. Mur, “My Only Friend”
    After a way too long absence from recording, Mur has finally released a new single.  Spoiler: it’s really good.
  11. RTB2, “Letters to a Young Danny Kennedy”
    For the past fifteen years, Chad Davenport has held a Toy Drive at The Libertine Bar.  This year marks year sixteen, and as usual, he has a fabulous lineup to attract people to the event.  In addition to RTB2, you can catch Scott Riegel, Tommy Hale, Madison King, Boys Named Sue, Trey Johnson, Straight Tequila Night, Van Waylon, and Cantina (formerly I Love Math) at Libertine.  All you need to do is donate an unwrapped toy (or make a donation) to get to see this killer lineup.
  12., “Stupid Butterflies”
    There’s something about this slightly Tori Amos-esque song that’s been growing on me over the past few weeks.  I believe she’s a relatively young artist, so I’d say that is one to keep your eyes on next year.
  13. Zhora, “Lights”
    All eyes have been on Taylor Rea aka Zhora lately.  Her presence in the scene has been inescapable lately, thanks to her work with both Sarah Jaffe and These Machines Are Winning.  On top of that, she released a new song “Rivers” last week, and “Lights” is now seeing a proper release.  There’ll be an EP listening party this Saturday at Off the Record as well, an event I plan to check out for sure.
  14. These Machines Are Winning, “They’re Coming After Me”
    No Taylor Rea on this track, but it’s still further proof of why TMAW has been such a big deal this year.
  15. Here Holy Spain, “Like a Charm”
    Now that Wes Solem no longer lives in Dallas, the likelihood of many HHS shows in the future is somewhere between slim and none.  In other words, you won’t want to miss this show of theirs at Double-Wide Saturday Night.  Get there early to catch Red Like Heat and The West Windows.
  16. Becky Middleton, “Silent Night”
    So you’ve heard her cover of “Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas”, right?  If not, hang your head in shame and correct that immediately.  Once you’ve done that, listen to her absolutely beautiful rendition of “Silent Night”.
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