Ten for Your Attention: 12/14/15

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Maybe a sixteen song playlist a week isn’t enough local music for you.  Maybe you want a supersize portion of new songs from all over the fine state of Texas.  Maybe you just think the phrase “Ten for Your Attention” has a nice ring to it.  Hey, I certainly think it does.  The point is, I’m introducing a new weekly feature where I’ll be sharing all sorts of new and great tunes from the DFW area as well as the rest of Texas.  Here are the ten songs I’ve found for this week’s edition of Ten for Your Attention:

Anna Robyn Thomas, “Babydoll”
It’s obvious this song is a rough demo.  The sound quality is not perfect, and I suspect she may flesh out the melody eventually with more instrumentation.  Even in its raw form, however, there’s no denying both her vocal skills and the beauty in the melody.  Part of me even hopes this song doesn’t get over orchestrated or overproduced, and that it retains that haunting, bare bones quality.

The Avid Light, “Rise & Fall”
You see that thing on the menu that says “Talk to the Ghost”?  It’s not just for decorative purposes.  I encourage people to email me and let me know about great artists from all over the state.  It’s through an email that I discovered the Tyler rock band The Avid Light.  While many of their songs steer towards the center of the heart of alternative rock, there’s something particularly intriguing about the track “Rise & Fall”.  To call it “epic sounding” would be an overstatement, but there’s a genuinely strong sense of drama in the melody that makes this a genuinely compelling track.

David Trust, “Leave It to the Angels”
Mr. Trust seems to consistently fly underneath the radar of too large a portion of the local community, and I’m not sure why. The one time I saw his band Velvet Guard at Curtain Club, the performance was the type that had me longing for the club’s return to its late 1990’s-early 2000’s heyday. The sound was majestic and commanding, capable of appealing to a mass audience yet never in a pandering way. His voice sounds like a less morbidly depressed version of Ian Curtis, yet maintains the same commanding vocal presence. His solo stuff, even when stripped down, still maintains a sound that can captivate. Here’s Mr. Trust’s latest Christmas song, “Leave It to the Angels”. It’s slightly poppier than much of his work, but still excellent stuff.

The High Moons, “Gemini”
My thanks go out to Veronica Young (Hungover With V, Tuesday Morning Blend) for putting The High Moons on my radar.  The ladies show off some of the stronger harmonies I’ve heard in local music as of late.  The High Moons are still a relatively new band, but I’m keeping my eyes and ears on them.  If “Gemini” is any hint, I think this is a band that just might do something amazing.

Kirk Thurmond & The Millennials, “Break Free”
On the surface, this sounds like a light, poppy/funky fun number.  Listen carefully to the message, however, and you’ll see that this song delivers a healthy serving of truth with its hooks.

Lindby, “White Christmas”
The group has just released Dashing to the Show, their fourth Christmas EP.  Most of the attention on this EP will go to the opening track “Merry Christmas, Baby”.  Having Leon Bridges on a track just creates buzz.  It’s a good track, but for my money, I’ll opt for Luke Wade’s vocals on “White Christmas”.

Meia, “Realize”
I think it’s pretty well documented that I’m a fan of Meia’s.  I’m not the only one, however, as it was her fans that helped her earned the Ghosty Award for Best Female Vocalist.  Today I get the privilege of debuting a new song of hers.  “Realize” is yet another piece of evidence of why she deserves her Ghosty Award.  Her voice is raw, unique, and more than a little quirky (in a good way), sounding like it belongs more in the year 1995 than 2015.  I’ve always maintained her solo work blends the best of both the alternative and singer-songwriter worlds of the mid 1990’s.  I’m hoping she’ll finally get to release a proper album (or at least EP) in the upcoming year, but in the meantime, enjoy this great song.

Rei Clone, “Senketsu”
I’ve noticed that whenever Michael Briggs is at the helm of recording a track, it’ll never be formulaic.  Some of the tracks he records are genius, while other acts are a bit too esoteric to be easily appreciated.  Some might argue that Rei Clone (pictured above) fall into the latter category.  I’ll admit that a band that fits criteria for the labels of both punk and shoegaze may seem odd at the very least.  While I don’t know if everyone will dig this unusual melding of sounds, I find this collision of musical universes to be both interesting and enjoyable.  My favorite track on the band’s self-titled EP is “Senketsu”, which falls more clearly in the shoegaze camp.  But whether the band opts for shoegaze, punk, or the unlikely mixture of the two, Rei Clone manages to create an intriguing soundscape that never bores.

Street Crys, “Overflow”
Featuring former members of Hormones, Spookeasy, and Menkena, Street Crys dives into the heavier end of the shoegaze pool.  There’s plenty of great tracks on their self-titled album, but “Overflow” is a really good jumping off point.

Treemotel, “Never Twice the Same Color”
When I first discovered this band, they were based out of Santa Fe, New Mexico.  They have since relocated to Austin, making them fair game for coverage by The Ghost.  Whereas Street Crys opts for the My Bloody Valentine approach to shoegaze, Treemotel seem to view Slowride and Mazzy Starr as greater influences on their approach to the genre.  So if you like your shoegaze with a heaping serving of dreaminess, Treemotel’s “Never Twice the Same Color” will have you coming back for seconds, thirds, and so on.

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