The Best Local Songs of 2015: #50-41


It’s hard to believe how close this is to being over. This is the last official blog post before tonight’s big live reveal. As always, we’ll take a moment to review, because I’d hate for anyone to lose track.

  1. Intake, “Innocent Few”
  2. TALL, “Back and Forth”
  3. International Bitterness Unit, “Push B for Basement”
  4. The Wife and Kids, “Soundclock”
  5. Spyche, “Heading Out”
  6. Brian Lambert, “The Ballad of Tony Romo”
  7. Griffin Holtby, “Cut the Strings (feat. Camille Schuh)”
  8. Prism Cloud, “Bogged Down”
  9. Blessin’, “Rough Draft”
  10. Foxy & The Hares, “L-O-V-E”
  11. Dead Beat Poetry, “Love It Or Leave It”
  12. The Free Loaders, “Howl”
  13. Ducado Vega and Zenya Vi, “Apathy”
  14. Prostinaut!, “This Long and Embarrassing Life”
  15. Medasin, “Silver”
  16. Mattie Michelle, “New Love”
  17. Meia , “Realize”
  18. Toadies, “In the Belly of a Whale”
  19. Daniel Markham & Tony Ferraro, “Chastity Belt”
  20. Hares on the Mountain, “Cowards’ Anthem”
  21. Reagan James, “Blue”
  22. The Black Cassettes, “Run”
  23. Shadows of Jets, “Feel”
  24. Bummer Vacation, “Silver Hands”
  25., “Stupid Butterflies”
  26. The Outfit, TX, “Wild Turkey”
  27. Bang Angels, “Drunk Dial Anthem”
  28. Dome Dwellers, “Ivory Tower”
  29. Pinkish Black, “Everything Must Go”
  30. Claire Morales, “Hemlock”
  31. Criminal Birds, “Flattery”
  32. Jake Paleschic, “When It Is Played”
  33. War Party, “Eat Rent”
  34. Larry g(EE), “Days Like This”
  35. Chris J. Norwood (Featuring Carrie Norwood), “How Am I Gonna Be Your Rock”
  36. Vodeo, “Pillow Talking”
  37. Dezi 5, “Travelin'”
  38. Red Like Heat, “St. Murderer”
  39. Denim Wonder, “I Love This City”
  40. The Broke$, “Expansion Slot”
  41. Pentacon Six, “Summer’s Over”
  42. Ryan Hamilton, “Be Kind, Rewind”
  43. LEV, “Shadow”
  44. Andy Pickett, “It Happens Every Night”
  45. Grades of Absolute Truth, “Hearsay”
  46. Rebecca Jozwiak, “Sunrise Blues”
  47. The Phantom Sensation, “Dead Weight”
  48. Brave Young Lion, “Bleeding Knees”
  49. ZHORA, “Rivers”
  50. Thieves of Sunrise, “Lord Willin’ & the Creek Don’t Rise”
  51. Anna Robyn Thomas, “Crossroads”

Before I continue, I feel compelled to restate something. I’ve talked about what an amazing year this has been for music. In a strange way, some of the strongest proof of how amazing 2015 has been for local music is in the next ten songs. I know, you’re confused. You’re thinking what’s so amazing about these songs that didn’t make it into the Top 40?

Look at these names closely. Below, you’ll see the likes of Chris Holt, American Werewolf Academy, Ducado Vega and Zenya Vi, Brent Best, Cliffs of Insanity, and Salim Nourallah. These aren’t small names that I’m dropping. These are names that would normally have a guaranteed spot in the Top 40. And yet for 2015, they fall short of the cut. It’s not these are weaker than usual outputs, but that the rest of the year so amazing. In just about any other year, these songs would have easily made the Top 40. But, this is 2015. So check out these ten that just missed the Top 40.

  1. Cliffs of Insanity, “Earthquakes and Hurricanes
  2. Ducado Vega and Zenya Vi, “I’m Not Your Exxx”
  3. American Werewolf Academy, “I Can’t Lose”
  4. Salim Nourallah, “Permanent Holiday”
  5. Ellen Once Again, “Another Chance to Live”

  6. Brent Best, “Good Man Now”
  7. Christopher Holt, “Now It’s Dark”
  8. Richard Gilbert, “I Love the Night”
  9. Alsace Carcione, “Black America”
  10. Missing Sibling, “Commiserate”

All that remains now is the Top 40.  If you want to experience the Top 40 as it goes down, your best best is to attend Off the Record, starting at 8 pm sharp.  Expect guest appearances and also sorts of insanity to ensue.  I mean, sure, I’ll be broadcasting live on Deep Ellum Radio, but it’ll be much more fun if you’re there.

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