New Year’s Revolutions: Part II


I regret that my schedule is not allowing me to post as freely as I have the past several weeks.  I have so much in the way of thoughts, ideas, and music to share.  This piece is published far too late.  In fact, I’m giving you barely over half an hour’s notice for this event.  This is too significant, however, to not share with you.

The event is RBC Underground, and it starts at 7 PM at RBC Speakeasy.  The event starts with an open jam centered around the Justin Timberlake album Justified.  After that, it’s my understanding that DJ Madame Mimms will be spinning selections by local singers, rappers, and producers.  On the surface, that doesn’t sound so significant.

There’s more to this story though.  And it even goes deeper than the fact that Dezi 5 and Concord jazz artist Ashleigh E will be among the main participants of the jam.  This bill is being promoted as an opportunity to “vibe out, network, socialize, party, and just turn up in general, all while listening to 100% local music from the very artists that you are rubbing elbows with” (as the Facebook invite states). In other words, this is an exercise in strengthening the Dallas Music Community.

I remember having discussions with Jimmy Menkena (of the band Menkena) regarding how Dallas needed less of a “music scene”, and more of a “music community” mentality. At first the phrase “Dallas Music Community” felt a little awkward, but it’s gotten less and less awkward to say the more that I realize how desperately we need that sense of community. We need to be building each other up. We need to work to create success stories all around us. I think this event is a significant step in a direction towards building community.

I hate to say this, but I’m not going to be able to attend tonight. I wish I could. But if you’re able to go to RBC tonight, I strongly urge you to go. In fact, to anyone who attends the event, I would love it if you report back to me on the light. Let me know if you learn anything. Let me know if any ideas are shared that are good, whether it be advice for an individual, or advice for us all. Again, I mention the “Talk to the Ghost” option not as a plug, but as a means of continuing dialogue. Let’s continue to keep our New Year’s Revolution.

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