New Year’s Revolutions: Part III


This edition of the New Year’s Revolutions posts is admittedly more self-promoting than the others.  Before 2016 began, however, I made a decision that there would be at minimum of one GOBL sponsored show each month this year.

How am I doing on my resolution, or should I say revolution?  Well, as you know, I’ve already held my first Acoustiganza January 9th at Opening Bell Coffee.  I was pleased with the turnout, and I feel safe in saying that there will be more Acoustiganzas this year.  You also may have seen the fact that I’m hosting a showcase Friday, February 12th at The Underpass.  Performing that night will be Rat Rios, Tomkat, and Francine Thirteen (poster for the event shown above).  This is a lineup that I am incredibly proud of, filled with unique and highly talented musical acts.  Francine Thirteen kicks off the night with her brand of “ritual pop” as she calls it.  Her musical style is hard to pin down, only making her even more intriguing.  Next on the lineup is Ghosty Award winning electronic-pop act Tomkat, who I have no doubt will bring the party atmosphere.  Finally, Rat Rios wraps up the night with her angelic voice and dreamy electronic sounds.

I also am proud to announce another GOBL show happening Friday, April 8th (at The Underpass as well).  That night’s lineup consists of Nervous Curtains, Hawk vs. Dove, and International Bitterness Unit.  IBU kicks of the night with their caustic brand of punk with some definite heavy political leanings.  Up next is Hawk vs. Dove, who I’d argue are one of the most underrated live acts in the metroplex.  Their melodies are definitely complex, and their sound ranges from heavy to almost brutal.  If one is willing to invest the time to listen carefully to the band, however, you will find it an intensely rewarding experience.  Finally, Nervous Curtains ends the night with their infectious and unique dark wave stylings.

The next show is admittedly still in the works, but I’ll tell you that I’m planning to do a show at The Underpass both the Friday and Saturday of SXSW.  Bands that have either not submitted their material to the festival or who are not playing an official SXSW show are encouraged to “Talk to the Ghost” about performing for me.

As you can see, The Ghost is busy trying to develop some quality shows for your concert-going enjoyment.  If you’d like to either have your act perform a GOBL showcase, or if you’d like to have me book an event at your venue, please “Talk to the Ghost”.  I would really like to bring more great local (and even Texas) music to the metroplex area in 2016.

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