Sunday Spotify Sixteen: 1/10/16


First, let me take an opportunity to thank all the wonderful and talented performers who played at Opening Bell Coffee yesterday for the first ever Acoustiganza!  This was a wonderful day filled with wonderful music and wonderful people, and it was my privilege to get to host such an event.

Speaking of events, if you need something to do tonight, I would strongly recommend attending Take Cover at The Underpass, a benefit show for those affected by the recent Garland and Rowlett tornadoes.  Not only is it a good cause, but bands like The High Moons, The Kul, and The Effinays will provide an excellent soundtrack to your evening.

Now, onto the playlist.  Yesterday’s event at Opening Bell didn’t leave me much time to carefully plot out a playlist, so I’m doing another themed list.  All the song title in this playlist are four letter words.

Get your mind out of the gutters, folks!  They’re not THAT kind of four letter words.  They’re nice, polite, everyday words that just happen to be four letters long.  Next week, I’ll hopefully get to do a proper list complete with commentary.  Until then, enjoy these sixteen songs.


  1. Shadows of Jets, “Feel”
  2. Jessie Frye, “Dear”
  3. RTB2, “Goon”
  4. Baboon, “Evil”
  5. Reagan James, “Blue”
  6. Pageantry, “Dirt”
  7. Boss Battle, “Jolt”
  8. Chomsky, “Road”
  9. Toadies, “Heel”
  10. Casie Luong, “Grow”
  11. Reverend Horton Heat, “Slow”
  12. Grace London, “Boys”
  13. The Free Loaders, “Howl”
  14. Poppy Xander, “Time”
  15. Sugarbomb, “Gone”
  16. Emmeline, “Mine”
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