Sunday Spotify Sixteen: 1/17/2016

  1. The Suffers, “Peanuts”
    When Billboard debuts your new song, your band may really be going somewhere.  I have a feeling that 2016 is going to be huge for The Suffers.  Their funky, old-school soul sounds are truly infectious, plus this just might be the strongest vocal I’ve heard yet from Kam Franklin, and that’s saying something.
  2. Jonas Martin, “Let Them Drown”
    Another act I’d count on making more waves is Jonas Martin.  He’s working on the follow up to Chokecherry Jam.  “Let Them Drown”, the first single, is the kind of song that subtly works its way into your consciousness, but you’ll be hooked on it before you know it.
  3. Tomkat, “Say Nothing”
    Some might say that I’m adding Tomkat to my playlist just as a shameless effort to promote by show at The Underpass that they’re playing February 12th along with Rat Rios and Francine Thirteen.  I fail to see the problem with this shameless self-promotion.
  4. Harvest Thieves, “I Killed Laura Palmer”
    Claire Domingue was telling me about The Harvest Thieves last weekend.  I like the new album, Rival.  Their song “Bob Dylan’s 78th Hangover” seems to be getting the most attention, but personally I like the country reverb ballad that is “I Killed Laura Palmer”.  Plus, any Twin Peaks reference automatically earns a band coolness points.
  5. The Rocket Summer, “Same Air”
    It won’t be until February 26th that Zoetic, the 6th full length from The Rocket Summer, will be released.  The album’s first single, however, has been out for awhile.  I admit I haven’t followed the band’s newer tracks as strongly, but this is a very unexpected yet interesting sound for The Rocket Summer.  I’m curious to hear what the rest of the album will sound like.
  6. Taylor Davis, “Love Will Find a Way”
    Most of Mr. Davis’ songs have, for lack of a better phrase, a very cutesy kind of sound.  This is the most straight forward and sincere sounding song he’s recorded to date, and I think it may also be my favorite.  I don’t know if he’ll release a full length album in a similar vein, but I can hope.
  7. Shearwater, “Only Child”
    I’m not going to lie; I’ve been disappointed by the lack of reaction I’ve gotten from many giveaways.  I’d really like to let y’all have a chance to win tickets to see this band live at Dada on February 4th.  Just please, don’t make me beg to give you the tickets.  I shouldn’t have to do that, especially for a band as popular and talented as Shearwater.
  8. Hell Texas, “If She Leaves It Alone”
    Don’t have much to say, except this song is so, so good.
  9. Daniel Markham, “Coming Down”
    This is kind of embarassing to admit, but it wasn’t until a few weekends ago that I finally saw Mr. Markham perform live.  Rest assured, however, it won’t be the last.
  10. Mur, “My Only Friend”
    Great song, now when does the full length come out?
  11. MC 900 Ft. Jesus, “If I Only Had a Brain”
    Here’s a little old school Dallas fun with Mark Griffin, aka MC 900 Ft. Jesus.  Over twenty years after its release, this track still holds up, thanks to Griffin’s sharp lyrics and quirky melody.
  12. Kaela Sinclair, “Coral Castles”
    I’m hoping you’ve seen Ms. Sinclair’s cool cover of SOHN’s “Artifice”.  If you haven’t, read my post that not only shares the video but discusses and demonstrates the full range of her talent.  I mentioned this is my favorite track off of Sun and Mirror, describing it as seven minutes of dreaminess.  Listening to this song just may be the best seven minutes you’ll have all day.
  13. In Memory of Man, “Wanted”
    This Saturday, Curtain Club celebrates their 18 year anniversary with a big show that will include Mad Mexicans, Innrcor, and Caliber Theory, among others.  Oh, and In Memory of Man will be there as well.  Congratulations, Curtain Club.  Now you’ve made it to being an adult.  Now it’s time to pay the bills, get a real job, become a productive member of society…
  14. The Ramonalisas, “Teleconnect”
    My friend Tania Rivas has been making music for well over fifteen years know, and she recently released a new EP with her band The Ramonalisas.  Ms. Rivas’ voice remains as beautiful a presence as after, and I’m really digging this track.  My only regret is that become Houston based and no longer Dallas based.  Perhaps we can at least convince the band to come up to the metroplex for a show or two.
  15. Rebecca Jozwiak, “With You Around”
    While it would hard to choose one favorite musical moment from last week’s Acoustiganza at Opening Bell Coffee, Ms. Jozwiak’s performance of “With You Around” is certainly a strong contender for the title.  The track is beautiful live, and could put a lump in your throat when played live.
  16. The Gourds, “Ziggy Stardust”
    The stars have looked very different since the sad news on Monday, yet the gifts Bowie gave us will never leave.  Here’s The Gourds’ unorthodox take on perhaps Bowie’s most famous alter ego.
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