The Folklore of Nicholas Altobelli


If you merely look at Nicholas Altobelli‘s discography on Spotify or iTunes, you might think that the performer released his first album in 2013. Nope. Not even close.

I first learned of Nicholas’ music back in 2008, at a point when Ghost of Blind Lemon was still a young pup in the world of blogging. His first EP, Streetcar Visions, had a certain charm to it.  It wasn’t until his first full length at the end of 2008, Waiting for the Flowers to Bloom, that I learned to fully appreciate the strength of his songwriting skills.

After that, Mr. Altobelli released the Dog Years EP, The Regulator, Radio Waves and Telephone Wire, and When Now Becomes Then.  All are albums that are worth checking out, presuming you can find them.  I’m fairly certain that all the aforementioned releases are now out of print.

For those wanting to catch up on some of Mr. Altobelli’s previous tunes, however, you’re about to get the opportunity to do so.  He’s releasing Folklore, a compilation of tracks from his previous records, along with several demos and live versions of tracks.  Mr. Altobelli is allowing me the privilege of sharing two tracks from the album.  The first is “Bluebonnet”, a duet he recorded with former Whiskeytown member Caitlin Cary.  The second is a demo of “Metal Tree”, which he recently released on Searching Through That Major Key.  You’ll be able to purchase Folklore when it’s released on March 25th.  Now if only he’d release his album of Roxette covers…

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