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April will be a busy month for The Ghost.  You may be aware of my showcase Friday, April 8th at The Underpass featuring Nervous Curtains, Hawk vs. Dove, and International Bitterness Unit.  I mean, I’ve only been trying to mention the show every chance that I can.  In case that isn’t enough Ghostness for you, there are still more GOBL show announcements to be made.

Let’s start with the return of the Acoustiganza.  I had so much fun hosting the last one at Opening Bell Coffee that it seemed worth doing again.  So I’ll be returning to OBC Saturday, April 23rd for another evening of cool acoustic acts.  The night kicks off at 5 PM with Ghosty Award winning Female Vocalist Camille Schuh.  Up next at 5:45 is The Heckwithits, featuring Justin Casey (ex-Uneasy Pilgrim).  My friend Meia’s new project BunniFly starts at 6:30, then Earnest Matthew hits the stage at 7:15.  Burnett, featuring members of The Phantom Sensation, hits the stage at 8:00.  Finally, Taylor Davis and Karyna Micaela (shown above) wrap up the night at 9 and 10 pm respectively.  This is an all ages show with a $10 suggested donation fee.  I hope you’ll join me for an excellent night of acoustic tunage.

Now, let me answer the burning question on your mind: how can The Ghost have 1½ show announcements?  Well, this next event isn’t a GOBL showcase, or even a lineup assembled by yours truly.  It is, however, an event featuring The Ghost that I am truly excited about.  This Saturday at the Deep Ellum Arts Festival, I will be hosting both of the Sons of Hermann Hall stages from 11:30 AM until 3:45 PM.  Artists at SOHH during that time will include Luna Royale, Sarah Michelle, Lori Dreier, and Souleo.  I’m looking forward to being a somewhat official part of this year’s art festival.  I’ve had so many wonderful memories at previous years of the festival, including seeing such iconic local acts as Edie Brickell & New Bohemians, Sugarbomb, Chomsky, Record Hop, and Flickerstick, just to name a few.  I feel privileged to take a part in the festival this year, and hope to see many of your lovely faces at SOHH this Saturday!  And stay tuned on the blog for future GOBL showcase announcements…

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