Sunday Spotify Sixteen: 3/27/2016

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  1. The Roomsounds, “Take it All Wrong”
    Now that Elm St. is on Spotify, I figured this would be a great song for kicking off the playlist.  The intro to this song is killer, especially the strong drum beat provided by Dan Malone.
  2. Giant Kitty, “Borrow My Skirt”
    This weekend is the Deep Ellum Arts Festival, and it’s always one of my favorite weekends of the year.  I’ll be sharing a Soundcloud playlist later this week featuring many of the excellent artists playlist the festival.  There are a few acts I wanted to spotlight that do not have songs available for streaming on Soundcloud.  First off is Houston based Giant Kitty, who will play the Hall Street Songwriter Stage Friday night at 9:40 PM.  They’re one of the new non-DFW based bands playing this year, so I’d encourage you to check out their catchy riot grrl style punk if you can.
  3. Intake, “Innocent Few”
    Intake will take on the Pabst Deep Ellum Texas Village Stage at 12:40 PM on Saturday.  It’s an early slot, but for those at the festival early, they’re worth watching.
  4. Ducado Vega and Zenya Vi, “Be Free”
    The Ghost’s love of DiiViiZiiVii (as they like to call themselves) is quite well documented.  Therefore, it should be no surprise that I’d recommend you make it out to their set Saturday at 3:40 PM when they play the Hall Street Songwriter Stage.
  5. Moon Waves, “Warfare”
    Local psych rockers Moon Waves will also perform at the Hall Street Songwriter Stages.  Their set starts at 8:40 PM.  Also, is it just me, or does the Songwriter Stage not feel very “songwritery”?
  6. Jonas Martin, “Let Them Drown”
    Although Mr. Martin isn’t playing the festival, you can catch him Saturday after the festival when he plays at Double-Wide.  Austin band The Cover Letter and GOBL favorite Zach Balch open the show.  This concludes the Deep Ellum Arts Festival portion of the playlist.
  7. Lily Jacks, “Let Me Go”
    Not often I discover cool bands from the El Paso area.  Rockers Lily Jacks are a nice and notable exception to that rule.
  8. In Memory of Man, “Where Are You Now”
    The Ghost is usually not a fan of heavy rock, but I am making an emphatic exception to the rule after seeing last night’s set by In Memory of Man.  Yes, they’re loud and heavy.  They’re also intense, emotional, dramatic, and captivating.  There are few bands right now in Dallas but put as much energy into their set at IMOM.
  9. Pale Dīan, “In a Day”
    They started out as Blackstone Rangers, then changed the spelling of the name to Blackstone Rngrs.  They’ve since moved to Austin and chosen the moniker Pale Dīan.  They’ve also released the song “In a Day”, which is easily the dreamiest and most gorgeous track of theirs thus far.  I can’t wait to hear more from the band.
  10. Relick, “Offering”
    While I still maintain that “I Wouldn’t Lie to You” is the best local track so far this year, this is still a damn good track as well.  Heck, their whole Twin House EP is killer.
  11. War Party, “To Be Young Again”
    Is it just me, or does this feel like it could be a Happy Bullets song?  And yes, that’s a good thing.
  12. Iris Noir, “The Night Terrors”
    The Austin band creates some amazing sonic landscapes with their unique style.  It doesn’t matter if you’re a fan of shoegaze or the darker side of new wave, because fans of either will likely fall under a trance like spell by Iris Noir’s songs.
  13. The Lash Outs, “Bondage of Self”
    Several weeks ago, I got to debut the title track to the band’s new album, State of Excess.  It’s easily the band’s sharpest songwriting to date.  Here’s another example of why their latest release is so strong.
  14. Nervous Curtains, “Devastator”
    Am I merely placing this track on here just for the sake of promoting my show at The Underpass Friday April 8th featuring Nervous Curtains, Hawk vs. Dove, and International Bitterness Unit?  Of course I am.
  15. Vanessa Peters, “Let’s Do This”
    Because Vanessa Peters.
  16. Carry Illinois, “Darkened Sky”
    Finally, I end this playlist on a sad note.  Carry Illinois bassist John Windsor (and also formerly of What Made Milwaukee Famous) is no longer with us.  My condolences to his family, his friends, and all who were touched by his presence.  And cliched as this final note is, take a minute today to let those know that you love them.

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