Where the Ghost Will Be Tonight: 3/5/2016


Above photo by Marcus Junius Laws.

The Ghost has not been out and about in the metroplex since the Underpass show February 12th.  Tonight, after a long battle with a nasty infection, it’s time to see some local music.  But the Ghost needs a special show worthy of marking his return.  Something good.  No, something really good.  Something amazing.  Something brilliant.  Something that’s totally Boss.

And if you’re wanting an event that’s totally Boss, then the only place to be tonight is Three Links.  Yes, this is going to be a great night of music with such solid acts as Sudie and The Birds of Night.  And of course, headliner Jessie Frye remains one of the strongest live performers in the metroplex area.  But there’s one other special attraction on tonight’s bill.

Tonight marks the first time in the Dallas area where Ms. Frye’s new beer, Boss Bitch (brewed by Noble Rey Brewery), will be available to consume.  Word is that there will be two kegs worth of Boss Bitch available tonight, so get there early to get a taste of this 7.2% pecan porter with hints of raspberry and cherry in the flavor.  I’m very curious to sample this beverage, and recommend all those 21 and over to come sample some fine beverages and music.  Come and party like a Boss.

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