Scott vs. Gavin: Dawn of Sobriety?

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As you know, The Ghost loves to cover serious stories that affect the local music community. Well folks, it just don’t get more serious than this. Scott Beggs (talent buyer at Three Links) and Gavin Mulloy (creative director at both Trees and The Bomb Factory) made a simple wager a little over a week ago. They wanted to see which could go longer without consuming alcohol. I got an opportunity to catch up with the two last week and ask them a few questions regarding the challenge…

How are each of you doing without the alcohol?
Scott Beggs: I haven’t made any ridiculous bets since midnight Friday, except the $5 bet I made with Gavin last night that we both forgot about.
Gavin Mulloy: First of all, Scott owes $5. As for me, I’m sleeping like a baby. A really drunk baby.

Are both of you still on the wagon, or has one of you cheated?
SB: 91 hours and counting. (Note: that was Scott’s response at the time of the interview. As far as I know, he has not been disqualified)
GM: On said wagon. I can only control one human’s actions in this race. I will worry about Gavin and let the Scott’s of the world take care of themselves. Or not take care of themselves. That’s every man’s right.

If neither of you has cheated, would you still care to make accusations against the other?
SB: Gavin is spending more time “gargling” mouthwash.
GM: Scott is drinking Texas Select (which is .05% alcohol) and a clear violation, but I’m letting it slide. Something as big as #BITTERSGATE, would be a reason for rioting in the streets.

What impact is this no alcohol challenge having on the Deep Ellum community? Have any bartenders been laid off? Any bars shutting down as a result of the lost revenue?
SB: The effects may not be noticeable immediately, but I heard an emergency owners meeting has been called to discuss the implications of this bet.
GM: Actually, the temporary market crash of Sazerac company stock has evened out. My Fireball intake was only part of the problem. Deep Ellum is more busy than ever from the bartenders actually serving real customers.

So there you have it. Both parties are (allegedly) on the wagon. The wager ends Friday. Expect a big financial boom to the neighborhood as a result of the two making a dramatic leap off the wagon.

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