Sunday Spotify Sixteen: 4/3/2016

sanyo cassette
  1. Nervous Curtains, “White Flashes”
  2. Hawk vs. Dove, “The Sabbath”
    Because if I don’t plug my show this Friday at The Underpass featuring Nervous Curtains, Hawk vs. Dove, and International Bitterness Unit, who will?
  3. Dove Hunter, “Dream Catcher”
    In case you’re keeping score at home, it’s currently Hawk with 1 and Dove with 2.
  4. Pageantry, “Girl Breath”
    Pageantry’s new album, Influence, came out on April Fool’s Day. If that news doesn’t make you happy, then you’re the fool.
  5. The Cover Letter, “Her Eyes, the Ocean”
  6. Reddening West, “Golden Light”
    I’m gonna declare these two acts my two current favorite Austin Acts. I just witnessed the spectacle that is The Cover Letters’ live show, and it is absolutely killer. I plan on talking more about them later, but trust me when I tell you that you NEED to see them next time they come through.  I still need to see Reddening West play live, but even if their live show is only half as good as their Where We Started EP, it would still rank as a must see show.
  7. Loyal Sally, “Whiskey Woman”
    I’m thinking about doing a personals ad. How does the headline “Blind Ghost seeks Whiskey Woman” sound to you?
  8. Rebecca Jozwiak, “Dead Man’s Jacket”
    Mechanical in Nature is not an album that you instantaneously fall in love with. This album is a slow burn that grabs you more with each listen. While “With You Around” is still the true masterpiece of Ms. Jozwiak’s album, here’s another great track.
  9. Cherubs, “Fists in the Air”
    I love it when people comment on specific tracks from the playlist, particularly when people mention a song they discovered. Take for example how Mandy Hand of Pentacon Six mentioned her love of this Cherubs track. I thought I’d share it again and see if anyone else loves this track the way she does.
  10. Slobberbone, “Melt Show”
    This cover so fits Slobberbone it’s as if a tailor outfitted the band for this track.
  11. The Suffers, “Midtown”
    Here’s some Houston based soul for you.
  12. Herrick & Hooley, “Texoma”
    Herrick and Hooley have released one of the strongest local albums thus far this year with Texoma. Due to a labeling glitch on Spotify, the artist of the album is labelled only as Hooley. So search Spotify for Hooley, and check out this great fusion of soul and hip-hop.
  13. Mercury Rocket, “Busting Loose”
    There hasn’t been much as much shoegaze music emerging from the metroplex lately. I thank Mercury Rocket for rectifying this situation.
  14. Bawcomville, “Dissolve”
    One of the best albums (and most underrated albums) of 2013 was Bawcomville’s Tranny. The band is back with a brand new single. “Aluminum Hands” is the A side, but I’m honestly digging the poppish feel of “Dissolve”, the B-side.
  15. PiNKSTON, “Say You Want It”
    I wasn’t the hugest PiNKSTON fan, but I’ve always had a strong love of this track. On a separate note, I’m so glad that the weird capitalization trend of the early 2000’s is over.
  16. Taylor Davis, “Love Will Find a Way”
    I started the playlist promoting my Underpass show, and am ending the show promoting my Acoustiganza at Opening Bell Coffee Saturday April 23rd, which will feature Taylor Davis, among others. Ghosts gotta keep hustlin’ you know?

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