Ten for Your Attention: 4/26/16

low defender

I suppose I should write an introductory paragraph for this article. Here it goes. There are ten songs below. They are worthy of your attention. That’s why I call this segment Ten for Your Attention. See, I can writes good. Now on with the songs…

You may have noticed the Calliope Musicals song “Echo and the Woos” on more than a few of my playlists recently. That likely has to do with the fact that the song is simply awesome. Fans of indie pop need to take note of this band. Their album Time Owes You Nothing is full of tunes with killer tunes. Case in point: listen to “Sink or Swim” below.

Austin based group Darkbird is making the trek to Fort Worth this Friday night, performing with Shadows of Jets and The Van Sanchez at Magnolia Motor Lounge. The opener of their I Can Feeling My Fingers Slip Today EP may be called “Poison Arrows”, but the track is more like a healing elixir to your ears and your spirit. This is fun, energetic rock and roll sure to put anyone with a morsel of musical taste in a good mood. Needless to say, if you’re headed to the Magnolia Motor Lounge Friday night, don’t even think of arriving late and missing this band’s set.

First of all, let me say this to bands posting on Bandcamp. Don’t get too ridiculous with your tags. Odds are you’re not blending punk, hip-hop, surf, and jazz all together in your album. That’s what the tags for Dallas band Drama Jean would suggest they’re doing. I should totally hold that against them. But alas, the tracks off of The Things We Started are enjoyable enough that I’m letting go off that grudge. I particularly dig the strong opening of “Now the Water’s Cutting Low”.

If you want your rock and roll dirty, grungy, and garage-y, Fort Worth’s Moon Grave may end up being your new favorite band. I’m not gonna wax poetic about this band. I’ll keep it simple and to the point: crank the song “Get High” up as loud as you can and enjoy.

The Low Defender EP (shown above) is a collective of outtakes from Nervous Curtains’ recent album, Con. Normally, a collection of tracks that don’t make the album isn’t very exciting. Con, however, is an abnormal album, and I’m not just referring to its dark and atonal tendencies. The quality of songs and songwriting featured on Con is way out of the normal, so to have any further new tracks from Nervous Curtains is a truly welcome treat. Check out the Vessels remix of “White Flashes”

Are my ears deceiving me? Is it possible that Nicholas Altobelli, just maybe, wrote a somewhat happy song? Am I missing some double meaning, or perhaps a line that is deceptively happy and concealing a volcano’s worth of pain? Let me know. Until then, I’ll call “Everybody Knows the Truth” the happiest song Mr. Altobelli has composed (and I can’t imagine him ever writing a happier song than this).

And now, for something beautiful and touching. OK, not really. Poison Culture is about to release their Nihilistic Tendencies EP. If the first track they’re sharing (“VS the World”) is any indication, it’s gonna be a wonderful yet intense assault on your eardrums. My one complaint? The price tag of $420.69 for the album is a little excessive. I mean, don’t me wrong, it’s a good album and all, but if I’m spending that kinda money on songs, I expect to at least be getting half of Prince’s back catalog. But that’s another story…

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: The Ghost absolutely loves discovering and breaking new talent. While I suspect Austin based songwriter Sam Small may have been writing for awhile, I don’t think he’s made it onto most people’s musical radar as of yet. His simple, straightforward, heartfelt songs, however, are deserving of attention. It’s hard to pick just one track off of Pocket Full of Unicorns as the standout track, but “Being With You” does give a fair sampling of the quality of the rest of the album.

The Ghost has been a fan of Skinny Cooks for quite some time. The band’s sound has gone through something of a transformation on their latest track, “Glitzkrieg”. The vibrophone, which has been front and center in previous recordings, is far less noticeable. The quirkiness level in “Glitzkrieg” is a dramatic decrease, but the band more than makes up for it by upping the funk factor to a level previously unexplored by the group. In fact, it’s not only the band’s most accessible work to yet, it’s flat out their best work. Can’t wait to see what they’ll be cooking up next.

Finally, I leave you some the fun indie sounds of Austin’s Slomo Drags. I’m sure the band will be doing good business with cool tracks like “Going Out of Business”.

And that’s it. I counted ten songs there. They all deserve your attention. Does your song deserve my attention? Talk to the Ghost and let him know about your music. If The Ghost thinks it worthy of other’s attention, it will likely wind up as one of the Ten for Your Attention.

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