Ten for Your Attention: 4/5/2016


I’ve been continually putting off reviving Ten for Your Attention, because I never have to seem the time to write very well during the week. As a result, commentary may be weaker than usual. At this point, I’d rather have weak commentary than not share these tracks with you.

Kicking off this week’s Ten for Your Attention is Dallas band Adam and the Figurines, who recently released their EP on Bandcamp. It’s definitely a slowed down approach to the tried and true garage rock formula. Below is my favorite track from that EP, “Leather Jacket, No Shirt.”

Maybe you like your punk on the heavier side. Maybe you like your heavy rock to have a lot of punk attitude. Either way, Dallas based band The Broadsiders should fill your cravings with their latest EP, Nothing Sacred.

I can’t recall how Bronwen Roberts got on my musical radar, but I’m glad she did. The Ghost has always had a soft spot for female singer-songwriters with beautiful voices, and Ms. Roberts clearly fits the bill. The instrumentation on “Lights on the Highway” may be sparse, but that only draws more attention to her vocal skills and songwriting skills. You can even catch her live Saturday at Allgood Cafe, along with Susan Herndon. If you do, tell her The Ghost sent you.

If you go to Austin based Oxford Novelty‘s Bandcamp page, you’ll see that their Let the Game Begin EP is tagged with the label new wave. I must disagree and lean towards the post-punk classification. Either way, “Love Is Such (Sweet Suicide)” is a beautifully catchy, fuzzed out tune that fans of acts like The Jesus and Mary Chain and Wire will probably dig. I certainly am digging this song hard right now.

There’s a certain uneasy and unsettling mood in the music of Partaker. That makes it all the more fitting that they’ll be performing with Nervous Curtains Saturday, May 14th at Double-Wide. And since you’ll probably want to see Nervous Curtains again after you attend by showcase Friday night, that will give you the perfect opportunity to experience Partaker live.

As you may know, last weekend I got to brush up on my hosting skills at the Deep Ellum Arts Festival. One of the artists I got to introduce was a gentleman named Jared Sachs. He plays with a band called Samsara, which he described as part blues, part jazz, and part fusion. It’s a truly eclectic style, as you can hear when listening to “Last Kiss”. Mr. Sachs is an extremely talented guitar player, and based on this song, I’d say the rest of the band has more than a little talent as well.

One of the reasons I broadened the blog to include the label “Sorta Texas” is to keep up with acts that have left the DFW area. That’s what Siren Sea decided to do almost four years ago, venturing to Europe to record their Papier Mâché EP. The group has since relocated to Miami, and they just released their latest EP, Paradise. I was a big fan of theirs during their time in Dallas, and if anything, the band has only grown stronger in terms of songwriting since leaving. Let’s hope they return to perform soon. If they do, I’ll be the one shouting for them to play “The One I Love”. And no, it’s not a request for an R.E.M. song.

The last time I saw Siren Sea perform live as the Ghost of Blind Lemon 5 Year Anniversary party at Curtain Club back in 2012. It’s also the last time I saw Taylor Marie perform. So it only seems appropriate that I get to share a new song of Taylor’s, “Baby It’s on You”, right after a Siren Sea song.

Back when The Ghost booked at The Crown and Harp, The Black Frames would play there fairly regularly and they’d always draw a strong crowd. The band now goes by the name That Dog Don’t Hunt, and their style has changed as well. There’s heavier leanings of both soul and even new wave in their music. The description may sound a little odd, but it’ll make perfect sense once you listen to their Soul Shakin’ EP. It’s easily the strongest music I’ve heard from the group. Here’s the title track for your listening pleasure.

I haven’t heard much about live Tru Def shows since he played NYE with Ishi and Dezi 5. The rapper has, however, been steadily releasing a series of new tracks on his Soundcloud page. If you believe intelligent lyrics are more important that beats, then you’ll probably really get into Tru Def. Oh, and his beats are pretty sweet as well.

That’s all for this week, but if you’d like to have your music shared, feel free to contact me. Just utilize the “Talk to the Ghost” option, send me your music links/mp3’s/CD’s/records/cassettes/8-tracks. Actually, don’t send me 8-tracks unless you plan on sending the 8 track player with it.

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