Where The Ghost Will Be Tonight: 4/8/16

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I know that my choice of concert tonight will be a huge shocker.  I mean, who would’ve expected that The Ghost would attend a show hosted by Ghost of Blind Lemon?  Pretty strange, man…

In all fairness, this is a really strong weekend for shows.  Do 214 is celebrating their 2 year anniversary with Young Fathers, Rat Rios, and -topic at The Loft.  The Relatives will celebrate the release of their new album at Dada along with Ishi and Son of Stan.  There’s even more choice options on this site’s calendar.  But, I digress.

I’m really hoping to see a lot of friendly and familiar faces at The Underpass for my showcase with Nervous Curtains, Hawk vs. Dove, and International Bitterness Unit.  It’s a very special show for IBU, as it marks the first show featuring Kevin Chapman (Funeral Shoes, Paper Saints) on lead vocals.  While the other two acts feature their usual lineups, that makes the sets no less intriguing.  I’ve maintained that Hawk vs. Dove is one of the strongest live acts in the metroplex.  Their shows are loud, dramatic, and almost brutal in their intensity.  That might sound like an insult to come, but it’s the exact opposite.  Their complex melodies juxtaposed against the sludgy sonic landscape is mesmerizing.  As for Nervous Curtains, no one in the DFW area does dark wave better than them.  No one.

So to recap, if you like Kevin Chapman, loud sludge, dark-wave, venues with big parking lots, and Ghost sightings, come to The Underpass tonight.

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