Sunday Spotify Sixteen: 5/22/16

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  1. The Unlikely Candidates, “Just Breathe”
    So if you’re needing something to do tonight, you could always go see these guys at The Prophet Bar tonight.  Loyal Sally is also part of the bill, along with out-of-towners Raw Fabrics and Beachwood Coyotes.
  2. Quaker City Night Hawks, “Liberty Bell 7”
    So, you might have heard that QCNH have a new album out called El Astronauta.  It seems like much of my Facebook feed has been centered around this piece of information.  This would be really annoying if it wasn’t for the fact that this is such a damn good album.  In fact, I’d personally have to say this is their most enjoyable album to date.  “Liberty Bell 7” is a great track and all, but really you could just put the CD on shuffle and you’d wind up on a great song.  I predict this CD will make a LOT of Best of 2016 lists.  A whole lot of lists.
  3. Pale Dīan, “Evan Evan”
    Last week, The Fader debuted another new track from the band’s upcoming album, Narrow Birth.  Melodically, “Evan Evan” sits at the intersection of shoegaze and new wave, two of my favorite styles ever. Needless to say, The Ghost gives this track two thumbs up.
  4. Jacob Furr, “Estacado (Live)”
    So, Mr. Furr, how long until you release another album that will likely contain the studio version of this awesome track?
  5. Bloody Knives, “Cystic”
    I always enjoy conversing with Kevin Chapman (Paper Saints, International Bitterness Unit) regarding music. He always has very interesting recommendations. Last week, he posted on Facebook about how much he’s been listening to Austin band Bloody Knives’ last album, I Will Cut Your Heart Out for This.  Between Chapman’s seal of approval and the intriguing album title, curiosity got the best of me.  Bloody Knives’ sound is as brutal as the same suggests, a sonic assault on your eardrums.  That doesn’t mean it isn’t good.  On the contrary, there is an urgency in this collage of melody of noise that is sure to keep one’s ears transfixed.
  6. The Roomsounds, “Bad Situation”
    Alas, this band has packed their bags, moving from Dallas to New York.  I’d classify that as a bad situation for local music fans.  Seriously though, The Ghost wishes the band the best of success in NYC.  That, and many return visits to the metroplex.  (UPDATE: my sources were incorrect.  Roomsounds are touring right now, but still call Dallas home.  Not such a “Bad Situation” after all).
  7. The Holophonics, “Hotline Bling”
    Let’s be honest, you’ve always wanted to hear a ska version of a Drake song, right?
  8. Pageantry, “Love to Lie”
    Clocking in at a little over seven minutes, this is the longest track on the playlist.  And if you don’t enjoy every second of it, something’s wrong with you.
  9. Greyhounds, “Devil’s Eyes”
    I don’t know if it’s just me, but when I listen to Greyhounds, I hear a lot of Beck influence.  Maybe it’s just the fact that this Austin band likes to make a sonic collage of varying musical influences within each song.  Whether or not you agree with The Ghost on the Beck similarities, I think we should all be able to agree that “Devil’s Eyes” is a great track.
  10. Good Talk, “Chill Hill”
    Here’s another great Austin act.  The intro to this track reminds me slightly of “Sex on Fire”, but much more pop.  And I don’t mean Top 40 pop, but rather bouncy and super-catchy pop.  And if things like pop melodies and jangly guitars are a big deal to you, you need to check out Good Talk’s self titled debut album.
  11. The Gibbonses, “Tough as Nails”
    Vocalist Jackie Pock delivers a killer performance on this blues tinged track.  Of course, if you aren’t into sultry, sexy deliveries of vocals, you probably won’t like this track.  But if you aren’t into that kind of thing, you need professional help.
  12. Emmeline, “Child”
    Emmeline is still hard at work, recording tracks for her first full length album, Rise.  I just might even have a track to share with my readers soon.  Here’s something from her last EP, Beautiful Scars, to tide you over until then.
  13. Herrick and Hooley, “Cannonball”
    One of the problems I experience as a blogger is that I discover so many new releases, some never get the proper recognition that they deserve here on GOBL.  Well let me just say this: Herrick and Hooley’s latest album, Texoma, is one of the strongest albums released this year.  The album bounces back and forth between R&B, rap, and melodic hip-hop, and comes off a truly fresh and exciting sound.  The Ghost tips his hat to y’all.
  14. Cory Patrick Coleman, “Fishin’ Tonight”
    Yes.  Just yes.
  15. Lovie, “Take a Ride”
    This Saturday is the 10th Annual UltraViolet Rock Show, and will feature performances by The Oxen, El Gato, and The Happy Bullets.  Oh, and these lovely ladies.  As usual, there’ll be an art auction as well, as proceeds will go to the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation.
  16. Andrew James, “Shoreline”
    What a gorgeous track from the Houston native.  The only thing that could make this track better is backing vocals by Jaimee Harris.  Wait, you say she’s already singing background vocals on this track?  Well, never mind then.
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