Sunday Spotify Sixteen: Mother’s Day Edition


I’m doing something I very rarely do.  I’m letting another person take the reins of today’s Sunday Spotify Sixteen.  This playlist was carefully curated by a person who means the world to me.  A person who has been there for me through the thick and thin, and I know will always continue to be there for me.  A person so special I can only describe her with one word: Mom.

My mother instilled a love of music in me at a very early age, and continues to be one of my greatest cheerleaders in this crazy Ghost of Blind Lemon endeavor.  It only feels right to give her the opportunity to select the songs for this Mother’s Day playlist.  The only thing I asked of her is to select only Texas based artists.  Alas, that means no Aretha Franklin, Susan Tedeschi, or Joshua Ledet (her favorite American Idol contestant ever).  She was also disappointed that locals like The Venetian Sailors and Dead Beat Poetry were not available on Spotify to add to the playlist.  That’s right, my mom knows who both bands are, because she’s cool like that.  So here we go with her song selections.

  1. Somebody’s Darling, “Cold Hands”
  2. Bugs Henderson, “Shuffle King”
  3. Monoculture, “Guadalupe & 4th”
  4. Willie Nelson and Norah Jones, “Dreams Come True”
  5. Smokin’ Joe Kubek & Bnois King, “Have Blues Will Travel”
  6. Old 97’s, “Wasted”
  7. Lyle Lovett, “She Makes Me Feel So Good”
  8. Rahim Quazi, “Ghost Hunting”
  9. The Fabulous Thunderbirds, “Tuff Enuff”
  10. Lance Lopez, “Come Back Home”
  11. Jonathan Tyler, “Goin’ Down to the City”
  12. Casey James, “Jealous Guy”
  13. Charley Crockett, “Trinity River”
  14. Stevie Ray Vaughan and Double Trouble, “Pride and Joy”
  15. Janis Joplin, “Me and Bobby McGee”
  16. Jonas Martin, “You’re So Blues”

And finally, here’s a little extra something from Jonas Martin, with his own Mother’s Day tribute called “Dear Mom”.

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