Video: Jessie Frye, “Big Bad Wolf”

jessie big bad

(Above photo courtesy of Think Branded Media)

In case you missed it, Jessie Frye debuted her video for “Big Bad Wolf” today on the Texas Monthly website.  Unlike the video for “One in a Million”, the first single from the Boys Club EP, “Big Bad Wolf” utilizes no story line, relying exclusively on Frye’s ability to work the camera.  This is definitely a very stylized video, and as Texas Monthly notes, there’s a large amount of 90’s style in the video.  They even suggest it would have fit in on an episode of either 120 Minutes or Alternative Nation on MTV back in the day.  The latter show would be the better fit, as much of the style in the video is the perfect balance between 90’s female fronted rock acts (a la Garbage) and the heavier rock side of alternative (Tool, Type O Negative, etc.)

Beau Ethridge and Jonny Cane deserve much credit for their work as cinematographer and director respectively (.  But make no mistake, the video’s success hinges first and foremost on Frye’s charisma and charm.  This video helps capture the intensity that Jessie gives in each and every live show.  Watch, and enjoy!

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