Spreading the Love This Music Monday

Photo of Ellen Once Again by: Andre Hinton

At its best, the local music community can be a truly nurturing and supportive environment.  I’ve met a number of fabulous people in this community that are genuinely concerned with helping others in the challenges faced being a musician.  As its worst, however, there can be a clique like quality that makes you feel like you’re back in high school.  Often, it feels like that if you aren’t in the “right crowd”, your music is ignored and/or ridiculed.  I’ve seen and experienced both feelings in my time as The Ghost.

These frustrations can lead one to focus so much on one’s own struggle that the individual misses the fact that many others are facing those same challenges.  We can all be guilty of focusing so intently on self-promotion that we fail to spread the word about our comrades in the local music community.  The Ghost does not say this to judge; I have been guilty of this as well.

This Music Monday, I’d like to try to do something to encourage everyone to take a moment and support another local musician.  I’m calling it “Spreading the Love”.  Take a moment on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or whatever social media outlet you prefer, and make a mention of another local act that you’re not involved with.  Say a few kind words about the act, and why you think others should take note of that act.  Feel free to use the hashtag #spreadingthelove if you feel so compelled.  You might also use #musicmonday as a means of possibly bringing more attention to your artist (after all, you are sharing music this Monday).  I feel this would be a wonderful way to begin the week, by sharing good music and helping a good musical artist.  In fact, #spreadingthelove feels like should me a weekly tradition on the blog.

It seems only appropriate, however, to begin “Spreading the Love” with the artist whose song title is being referenced.  Indeed, “Spreading the Love” was the first song I came to know by local singer-songwriter Ellen Once Again.  It provided the perfect sneak preview as what her music (and for that matter, Ellen herself) is all about.  The music of Ellen Once Again is centered around happiness, optimism, and hope.  These themes have been carried through all her EP’s, from Spreading the Love to her latest, Love Myself.  Her music brings joy, and anyone who knows Ellen knows that’s just who she is.  Ellen is every bit as sweet as the songs she sings.  I would encourage anyone that needs a pick-me-up to sample her latest EP below.

Now that The Ghost has spread the love for Ellen Once Again, the question is who will you be spreading the love for?  Let The Ghost know.

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