Sunday Spotify 16: 6/26/16

broken cassette

First off, let me apologize for the lack of playlist last Sunday, along with forgetting to share the playlist widget the previous week (that has been corrected).  The Ghost is back on track now, with another fabulous sixteen songs for you.  You ready?  Good…

  1. Charley Crockett, “In the Night”
    Because beginning a playlist with Mr. Crockett is always a good idea.
  2. Clifffs, “I’m Your Ghost”
    As a general rule, if John Dufilho is involved in a musical project, it’s good.  Clifffs (formerly Cliffs of Insanity) is no exception.  Bill, You’re Only Human, is filled with short but catchy rock nuggets with a healthy dose of punk influence.  I could have easily selected any track off the album for the playlist, but there’s something about the title that The Ghost just likes.  Not sure what it is though…
  3. Midnight County, “Southbound”
    It’s not often there’s a Curtain Club show that The Ghost gets excited over.  This Saturday is one of those occasions.  It’s a solid lineup, beginning with GOBL favorite The High Moons.  Also on the bill is Propeller, a band that you can expect to hear more about in the coming weeks/months.  On top of that, it’ll be a busy night for Justin Russell, who will play with both Public Love Affair and Midnight County.  Here’s the title track from Midnight County’s debut album.
  4. Alexandria Rhea, “Busy”
    In case you didn’t listen to her when she was one of the Two for Your Attention This Tuesday, or if you missed my concert announcement for her Dallas CD release show, here’s another chance for you to learn about Alexandria Rhea.  You’re welcome.
  5. Siberian Traps, “Stray Dogs”
    Sometimes all you can say about a song is that it’s catchy and fun as all get out.  But if you can say that about a song, isn’t that enough?  Well, the title track to Siberian Traps’ new album is all that, and then a little.
  6. The Cover Letter, “Her Eyes, The Ocean”
    You know what’s frustrating?  When there’s two great shows happening the same night and at the same time.  Austin’s The Cover Letter will be at Adair’s Saturday night, and The Ghost will have on his running shoes to dash between Curtain Club and Adair’s.  Fortunately, there will be no need for running August 27th, when The Cover Letter will join Birds of Night and Cut Throat Finches at Double-Wide for the birthday celebration of yours truly.
  7. Nicholas Altobelli, “Exit Polls”
    It’s still as close to a happy song as Altobelli will ever write.  And it’s still a rather depressing song.  Well, at least no one can accuse him of being a flip-flopper.
  8. Siren Sea, “Breathe”
    It’s been four years since I’ve last seen the band play.  How about a Dallas show, please?
  9. Mean Motor Scooter, “Naked Brunch”
    Perhaps I’m wrong here, but I feel as if Mean Motor Scooter is trying to poise itself to fill the void for killer hard rock created by the breakup of The Phuss. Thoughts, anyone?
  10. 88 Killa, “Kream”
    As a rule, The Ghost doesn’t generally like to cover gangsta rap.  As a rule, gangsta rap is rarely as catchy or well written as it is with 88 Killa and the song “Kream”.  Yes, the title is an obvious nod to the Wu-Tang Clan, but this is no copycat song.  88 Killa is fresh and innovative, and one of the strongest rappers on the scene right now.
  11. Tripping Daisy, “Piranha”
    If the album I Am an Elastic Firecracker was a person, it’d be old enough to legally drink.  Let that sink in for a second…
  12. Migrant Kids, “Primordial Soup”
    Around this time last year, I was digging their Migrant Kid’s song “Thread” pretty hard.  Now the Austin band has an EP out, which features the aforementioned track, as well as this really cool title track.  Fans of catchy new wave nostalgia should definitely check this band out.
  13. (monkeysphere), “Come Back to the Show”
    Weird Spotify observation: Midnight County is listed as a related artist for (monkeysphere), but not Rude King.  Say WHAT???
  14. That Dog Don’t Hunt, “Oneofakind”
    This new song from That Dog Don’t Hunt isn’t quite as catchy as “Soho Hurry”.  That may sound like I’m dogging the song, but in reality, for the band to make every song as incredibly catchy and infectious as “Soho Hurry” is an unrealistic bar to set for the band.  Instead, I’ll say that “Oneofakind” is indeed catchy, and still further proves how That Dog Don’t Hunt knows how to write fun indie pop tunes.
  15. Sarah Jarosz, “Green Lights”
    I recently discovered that Ms. Jarosz left Austin to make New York City her home.  This puts her as part of the “Sorta Texas” qualification.  Wherever she calls home, however, the music off of her new album Undercurrent remains absolutely beautiful.
  16. Parallel Play, “Bottleneck”
    Just as Parallel Play release their strongest album to date, the band decided to break up.  You can bid the band farewell August 20th at Granada Theater, with Loyal Sally and Whiskey Folk Ramblers rounding up the farewell show lineup.
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