Where the Ghost Will Be Tonight: 7/2/16

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Yes, I realize some of you are out of town, and others are too busy at the lake/grill/family event/etc. to bother with local music.  For those who will not be out and about tonight, let me just say that you are SO missing out.  While The Ghost will normally single out one event to attend and spotlight, tonight marks the first time I’m doing a double spotlight.  Yes, this will be one busy Ghost tonight.

The first event I have to share is the Declaration of Independence show happening at Curtain Club tonight.  While I shared the event’s flier in the headline pic, let me give you the basic details.  Tonight’s event features music from The High Moons, Propeller, Tin and Tonic, Public Love Affair, and Midnight County (the latter two featuring the ever talented Justin Russell).  I particularly want to direct your attention to the first two bands listed.  The High Moons are steadily making a reputation for themselves as one of the best live acts in the area.  I’d say this is a highly talented group of ladies, but they’re just highly talented periods.  And they’ve got a killer lead singer in Jordan Henderson.

The next band I’d like to bring to your attention is Propeller.  While they’re not a well known band, they’re crafting some really killer power pop style tunes.  Anyone who perks up at the mention of Jellyfish, The Church, XTC, Material Issue, or Elvis Costello needs to learn about Propeller, simple as that.  Oh, and one last note about this Curtain Club show: a portion of the proceeds goes to S.A.F.E. Minded People, an organization devoted to helping those gain independence from abusive relationships.  Good cause, good music, what more could you ask for?

Well, how about another killer show?  Austin’s own The Cover Letter (shown above, right) is playing at Adair’s tonight.  You’ve heard their music on my Sunday Spotify 16 playlists, but you cannot fully appreciate the power of this band until you’ve seen them live.  This is a multi-talented band, with artists regularly rotating on both vocal and instrument duties.  The Cover Letter is also masterful at involving the audience in the performance.

Which one should you go to?  I could advocate you to go the Declaration of Independence show, as you get to combine helping others while getting great bands.  I could also advocate you attend the always fun (and no cover) Adair’s, and get caught up in a Cover Letter performance.  What I’d really advocate, however, is that you follow the Ghost as he bounces from venue to venue.  Wear comfortable shoes tonight, because you’ve got some walking/running/dancing to do.


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