Sunday Spotify 16: 7/10/16


I hope this post finds you all well and safe.  To say that last week was trying was an understatement.  My heart goes out to the family, friends, and police officers who lost someone last week.  I also regret that last night’s Acoustiganza was cut short due to threats against the Dallas Police Department headquarters across from Opening Bell Coffee.  I plan to reschedule the artists who missed the opportunity to perform last night.  That disappointment, however, pales in comparison to the relief I felt that those who were there were able to go home safely.  Shows can be rescheduled, but musicians and fans cannot be replaced.

But enough sad and depressing talk.  Let’s play some music,  It may not cure all wounds, but it’s the best medicine I can share with you.

  1. Siberian Traps, “Stray Dogs”
    I found myself listening to this band Thursday night after hearing the news.  This may seem an odd choice, but there’s a certain joy I feel in hearing their jingle-jangly guitars playing such catchy hooks.  It brought me a little comfort in a dark time, and I hope you feel some joy listening to Siberian Traps as well.
  2. The Orange, “Cityscape”
    Gee, it only took The Orange about a year to place Sharing Vitamins on iTunes and Spotify.  Better late than never, right?
  3. Monoculture, “Hombre Lobo”
    Concert announcement regarding Monoculture: the band will be playing the Deep Ellum Outdoor Market this Saturday.  Time details will be shared shortly.  In addition to the fine music of Monoculture, yours truly will DJ, spinning (or really playing) lots of great local music.
  4. Signals and Alibis, “The New Again”
    Congrats to the band on their latest EP, Looks Like Rain.  Not only are the songs excellent, the sound quality of the recordings is spot on.  Major props to the producers and mixers of this EP.
  5. Cut Throat Finches, “Moon Beast”
    If you need something to do on Saturday besides hang out with The Ghost as he DJ’s, you can hear these guys open up for The Roomsounds at Double-Wide.  And don’t forget to see them next month at Double-Wide as part of The Ghost’s birthday bash!
  6. Pageantry, “Girl Breath”
    I haven’t been adding enough Pageantry to my playlists lately.  Changing that today.
  7. Iris Noir, “Stare”
    I’m a huge fan of new wave music, especially the darker stuff.  It’s probably no surprise that I’m still digging this track from Austin’s Iris Noir.
  8., “Stupid Butterflies”
    Can everyone handle another show announcement from The Ghost?  I hope you can, because you’re getting it no matter what.  Join yours truly for an event at Cafe Bohemia in East Plano, featuring Project Bunnifly with Meia, Emmeline, Camille Schuh, and Saturday, August 6th.  Acoustic music lovers, this is a show you won’t want to miss.
  9. Jonas Martin, “Wannabe”
    There’s a lot of albums that I’m anxiously awaiting the release of.  Jonas Martin’s sophomore album, The Color Scheme, is certainly high on that list.  Here’s another track from the album.
  10. Skinny Cooks, “Glitzkrieg”
    Here’s some funky goodness coming your way.
  11. Old 97’s, “King of All the World”
    Why did I add an Old 97’s song to the list?  I’m sorry, I wasn’t aware that I needed a reason to do so.  How about this for a reasons?  Old 97’s.  That’s your reason.
  12. The Harbor, “Brown Eyes”
    Here’s a dreamy and gorgeous song from Austin based act The Harbor.  The band followed me on Twitter, I listened, I liked.  Moral of the story?  If you’re in a band and not following Ghost of Blind Lemon, change that right now.
  13. Quaker City Night Hawks, “Medicine Man”
    I was chatting with the ladies of Verm & Loretta, and the topic of how awesome QCNH are came up.  We also discussed their show at Granada Theater as part of their free week of shows.  Technically, advance tickets are $5, and you get one beer for free as a result.  You can wait and hope for free tickets day of the show, but I wouldn’t recommend that strategy.  Not unless you’re okay missing out on that killer show, which also features Oil Boom and Dead Flowers.
  14. Douglas Miles Clarke, “Love, Sweet as Oranges”
    It was an honor for The Ghost to debut Clarke’s track, “Prairie Girl”.  Here’s another cool pop tune from his album Serendipitous.
  15. Exit Glaciers, “Silence Has Broken”
    The band celebrated the release of their album Debris last night in Denton.  The album isn’t available on Spotify yet, but here’s a track from the album featuring ex-Centro-matic member Scott Danbom.
  16. Mark Lettieri, “Everybody Wants to Rule the World”
    One of the most talented musicians in the metroplex covering Tears for Fears?  Yes, please.
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