Sunday Spotify 16: 7/24/16


Forgive the brevity of the post, but I want to get this published before tonight’s Quaker City Night Hawks show at Granada Theater.  I’ll be going, and I’d recommend you follow suit.  I’m not waxing poetic over any of the tracks today.  It’s not that the tracks aren’t worthy of it, but getting ready to see QCNH is worth it more.  So enjoy your sixteen songs, and I’d love to see your friendly faces tonight at the Granada!

  1. Quaker City Night Hawks, “Mockingbird”
  2. True Widow, “Entheogen”
  3. Siberian Traps, “New Kid in Town”
  4. Mobley, “Swoon”
  5. Missing Sibling, “Mary’s Rashers”
  6. Pema, “Something Less”
  7. Larry Gee, “Days Like This”
  8. Cut Throat Finches, “Closer”
  9. Fea, “You Can’t Change Me”
  10. Picnic, Lightning, “American Ruin”
  11. Alexandria Rhea, “The Dodger”
  12. The Crystal Furs, “Miss Hughes”
  13. Magnet School, “British Monuments”
  14. Public Love Affair, “Fire”
  15. Cheridan, “Hawaii by Night”
  16. Sorta, “Paperweight Eyes”
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