Where the Ghost Will Be Tonight: 8/5/16

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Sadly, I feel as if Alexandria Rhea has not gotten onto the musical radar of Dallas the way she deserves to be.  In all fairness, it’s just recently that she caught the attention of the Fort Worth Weekly, with Aubrey Rodriguez having a positive review of her EP, Naked Soul.  As far as The Ghost is concerned, her EP is one of the strongest musical highlights thus far of 2016.  The song combine classic styles found in 1960’s pop, folk, and jazz, yet infuse a very modern (and rather vulgar) lyrical approach.  Lines like “They say I drive too fast, I don’t give a fuck”, from her most defiant track “The Dodger”, may not be exactly family friendly material.  That’s OK. you can leave the kids home for this show and have a full-filled adult evening.

Not all of Alexandria’s song are so brash, but every one of them offers a very unique and honest look at modern life.  The singer herself has said of her songs are “leaning on the truth. writing about times [she] fell down looking the OTHER way.”    However one may choose to describe her music, I cannot imagine how anyone couldn’t connect on some level to Alexandria’s music.

That’s why I am so excited to be a part of Alexandria’s Dallas CD release show.  Her set starts tonight at Opening Bell Coffee\ at 9:30, with former Dallasite Shaylee Simeone opening the show.  I think OBC is the perfect setting for Alexandria Rhea’s music, as the coffee house provides an intimate and comfortable feel.    So grab a cup of coffee (or something stronger, if you prefer) and join me for this fine night of music.  Oh, and be sure to pick up a copy of Naked Soul while you’re there.

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