Sunday Spotify 16: 8/14/16


  1. Rei Clone, “Ready to Die”
    I may have liked Rei Clone the first time I heard them with their self-titled EP, but Wet gives me a whole new level of appreciation for the band.  Their Bandcamp page uses the labels punk and shoegaze, but I feel the phrase “organized chaos” is the best way to describe the sound.  Listen and tell me if you hear what I’m saying.
  2. Sudie, “Schitzo”
    Not sure there’s much more I can say about her, except this: Damn, that girl can sing!
  3. 88 Killa, “Boomerang”
    I’m sure I will eventually tire from listening to this track several times a day.  I’m not sure when that will be, but it will happen eventually.  Give me a few months.
  4. Birds of Night, “Asleep in the Pine”
    You didn’t really think I’d skip an opportunity to promote my birthday show, did you?  The Birds of Night headline the show Saturday August 27th at Double-Wide.  In addition to The Cover Letter and Cut Throat Finches, The Heavy Hands have now been added to the bill.  Party time’s getting serious here.
  5. Clifffs, “Portland to Vermont”
    John Dufilho, now that you’ve released this Clifffs album as well as the Cantina album, don’t you think eleven years is long enough for Deathray Davies fans for the follow up to The Kick and the Snare?
  6. Midnight County, “Southbound”
    Word is they’ll be at the Deep Ellum Outdoor Market.  Word is Justin Pickard will also play a solo set.  Word is also that The Ghost will DJ and host again.  That’s a lot of words.
    XIIION DENIZEN is flying under the radar of the hip-hop community.  His sound is certainly unconventional compared to mainstream rap.  That’s exactly why I feel it’s worth taking note of his unique sound that combines the best of hip-hop, soul, and some other styles that I can’t even quite put my finger on yet.  This is an artist not looking to follow trends, but rather blaze his own path.  Fans of hip-hop (and even non-fans) take note.
  8. Cameron Matthew Ray, “This Too Shall Pass”
    Acoustic, Vol. 1 is now out, and it’s everything you’d expect from Mr. Ray.  And if you have to ask if that’s a good thing, you either don’t know his music or you don’t know what good music is.
  9. True Widow, “Theurgist”
    The band has released a second track from their upcoming fourth album, Avvolgere.  As usual, the band is continuing with their trend of heavy droning guitars, booming bass lines, and cryptic song titles.  Welcome back, True Widow.
  10. Jonas Martin, “Wannabe”
    Friday is Mr. Martin’s album release show for The Color Scheme.  I anxiously await the opportunity to pick up the album, as well as to see his live set at Double-Wide.  Ronnie Heart, The Van Sanchez, and a DJ set from Blue, the Misfit round out what is sure to be an amazing night.
  11. Somogyi, “Wait for You”
    I recently got the opportunity to watch live video of this performer, and all I can say is I hope she’ll make the trip from Denton to Dallas very soon.
  12. Reddening West, “All You Need”
    You know how I earlier took the opportunity to plug my birthday show?  Well, now it’s time for The Ghost to plug Return of the Lucky Thirteen.  You can still purchase the songs on Bandcamp.  Hey, I gotta keep promoting.  A Ghost has to eat, you know?
  13. (monkeysphere), “Dance Into the Void”
    Well, lookie who finally uploaded Music for Awkward People to Dance To on Spotify?  It’s about time, don’tcha think?
  14. KP and The Boom Boom, “Feel It”
    I’ve had the opportunity to get to listen to the Austin Band’s upcoming album, The Brave.  I expect this album to generate plenty of buzz with its creative sounding soul party vibe.  I’m not able to let you hear the album… yet.  In the meantime, enjoy the title track to their 2013 EP.
  15. Pageantry, “Vicious Wishes”
    After repeated inclusions in the Sunday Spotify 16, KXT has decided to add the track to their rotation of local musicians.  Hey, that is a true statement.  KXT has started playing the song.  And before they started playing it, I was featuring it in my weekly playlists.  You just chose to try to connect the two statements as a cause and effect relationship.  Although who knows… maybe…
  16. Parallel Play, “Bottleneck”
    This Saturday, we say farewell to those folkers in Parallel Play.  It’s been a crazy, wonderful musical journey you’d led us on.  You can catch their final show Saturday at Granada Theater, along with Whiskey Folk Ramblers and Loyal Sally.  It’s folking sad, but that’s life.
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