Sunday Spotify 16: 8/7/16

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This has been quite the weekend for me, between both Alexandria Rhea’s CD release show at Opening Bell Coffee and my showcase at Cafe Bohemia yesterday.  Thanks to all the performers who made this weekend so amazing.  And now, it’s time for the usually sixteen songs you get every Sunday.  Ready, set…

  1. Death Stairs, “Ghost Fight”
    You may have noticed that this is the first track on my Bandcamp compilation, Return of the Lucky Thirteen.  What you may not have noticed is that starting today, August 7th, the cost of my compilation has lowered from $10 to $7.  That price will last until after my birthday extravaganza at Double-Wide on August 27th.  Lots of sevens involved there.  Hope it’s not bad luck to mix all these sevens with Return of the Lucky Thirteen.
  2. Cantina, “Lucifer”
    If memory serves me correctly, Dufilho used to play this song in the earlier days of Deathray Davies.  The song has certainly undergone a style change now that he’s readapted it to fit Cantina.  Either way, The Ghost is thrilled to see this song recorded.
  3. Cut Throat Finches, “Boundaries”
    Now that my OBC and Cafe Bohemia shows have passed, it’s time to spend all my promotional efforts on my fine birthday show at Double-Wide with Birds of Night, The Cover Letter, and this band here.
  4. Madi Davis, “Give and Take”
    I was just having a conversation with Evie, owner of Cafe Bohemia, about a number of great local singer-songwriters, including Ms. Davis.  Her latest album, Above the Waves, certainly came as a musical surprise to me.  I expected something far more folky from her than this, which seems closer akin to a Kate Bush album than Joni Mitchell.  Still, tracks like this keep me curious to see what direction Madi will take next.
  5. Dezi 5, “Travelin'”
    I figured since I’ve placed Francine Thirteen at slot 13 on the playlist before, why not put Dezi 5 in the fifth song slot?  It also gives The Ghost a nice chance to plus Dezi’s show this Thursday at Kessler Theater, with Sam Lao, -topic, and Buffalo Black supporting him on this killer bill.
  6. True Widow, “Entheogen”
    This True Widow is growing on me.  It’s not as immediately captivating as most of their songs, but hey, it’s still a True Widow song.  And that’s enough, right?
  7. Bill Longhorse, “Charlie the Jockey”
    There’s an upcoming State Fair Records release that I’m excited to start talking about very soon.  More details on that release will be coming soon.  In the meantime, here’s a track from the most recent artist to release an album on this local label.
  8. VVOES, “Days Are Numbered”
    Because we all need some indie rock goodness in our lives.
  9. 88 Killa, “Boomerang”
    Not enough people know about 88 Killa for him to be talking about a comeback.  Well, not enough people know about him YET.  That should change very quickly.  The latest act signed to DEFDISCO is sure to create more buzz than a cluster of beehives with songs like this.  I cannot stress how awesome this song is.  Listen.  Then listen again.  And again.  And again.  And…
  10. Hazard Hounds, “So I’m Telling You”
    Discovered a killer playlist of Austin artists recently.  I’m going to try to get permission to share the playlist on the blog soon.  In the meantime, here’s one of the Austin acts I discovered through the playlist.
  11. Shapes and Faces, “Three Four”
    This Dallas band doesn’t seem to play many shows.  Saturday’s performance at Sundown at Granada is a rare opportunity to see these guys live.
  12. Fea, “La Llorona”
    Punk en español ? Sí por favor.
  13. The Feels (Feat. Slooom)”, “Dominator”
    Dallas electronica + Austin electronica = this awesomeness.
  14. Siberian Traps, “Lights Keep Blinking”
    Lights keep blinking, and Siberian Traps keep making incredibly catchy songs like this.
  15. Ellen Once Again, “Reason to Smile”
    Because Ellen once again gives us the reason.
  16. Public Love Affair, “Crooked”
    This song just rocks.  Pure and simple.  Plus, “I could change you, but I don’t want to” is just such a good line.


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