Ten for Your Attention: 8/23/16


You remember back in the days when Sesame Street had letters and numbers as its “paid sponsors”?  Well, it might be fair to say that this week’s Ten for Your Attention is brought to you by the letter M.  There’s plenty of M acts on this week’s list, and it kicks off with a brand new song by Mur.  The band returns after a far too long break between releases with Fire Escapes.  It’s an emotionally complex album, dealing with issues of substance abuse and depression.  The album’s opening track, “Climb and Fall”, is a beautiful yet raw examination of depression and the sense of hopelessness that can come with it.  Expect much more discussion on the band and their upcoming CD release show in the coming days and weeks.  In the meantime, I strongly encourage you listen to this powerful song.


Here’s another debut from another M band.  This time it comes courtesy of Denton act Moniker.  They’ll soon be releasing their EP On a Friday, and The Ghost is fortunate enough to have your first sample of said EP.  The title “Sludge Tub” may not sound appetizing.  The title may also evoke images of heavy sludge a la Hawk vs. Dove or Wo Fat.  Their sound is not as heavy as either bands, and it’s a much more fun song that the title might suggest.  Moniker combines elements of garage rock with a sharp indie edge that feels smart, but never so smart that one has to work to appreciate it.  No, this is a “Sludge Tub” that anyone can (and will) feel comfortably diving in.


Want more M music?   Maybe some Mora Collective might be music to your ears.  The experimental jazz band is back with a new album.  In some ways, Destroyed in Translation feels a bit more focused than their previous works.  “Gun” is certainly a short track for them, clocking in at a hare under four minutes.  The melody also wanders less than most of the Mora Collective tracks.  Not to worry, however, as the band’s spacy yet intensive vibe remains fully in tact.  If Mora Collective is aiming for a focused yet far out musical journey, you can hear how “Gun” hits its target.

Wrapping up the M theme is Dallas singer-songwriter Karyna Micaela.  She recently shared a demo track called “Crazy Stupid Love”, which will appear on her next album.  Karyna stressed to me that this track is only a demo, yet I’m inclined to say that this demo exceeds any track from her last EP, Everyday Surprises.  If this is what a demo sounds like, maybe the fully produced version should be called “Crazy Stupid Amazing”.

You know, come to think of it, Sesame Street also received sponsorships from numbers in addition to letters.  So perhaps 63 should be a sponsor of this post.  You know, like The Prof.Fuzz 63.  This is another demo for your ears.  Unlike the previous effort from Karyna Micaela, however, this is not a refined demo that could pass as an album track.  No, this song is a blatant demo, warts and all.  Still, the melody of “Jazz Hands” is strong enough that it comes through past any recording “imperfections” present below.  With a little love from a good producer and mixer, “Jazz Hands” could be pretty darn amazing.

I hinted awhile back to an upcoming release from State Fair Records.  It comes courtesy of the soulful and jazzy group Bree & The Fellas.  This is a track that hit me hard on first listen.  Bree’s voice is sultry, cool, and everything you’d want from a jazz singer.  This is an immensely talented woman accompanied by a strong band, and the music that results is powerful.  So powerful, in fact, that The Ghost is having a rare moment where the words are failing him.  Just listen to “Girl from the Moon” and see if it hits you as hard as it did me.

Honor System puts out its fair share of tracks on their Soundcloud page, and they’re consistently solid tunes.  Yet there’s something about “Light Trails” that captured me more than usual.  It’s all the dreamy, retro styled electronica that one would expect from Honor System, just more so and stronger.

Austin’s East Cameron Folkcore will release the physical CD of their Fossils EP in September, but you can get the mp3’s on Bandcamp now.  ECF states the EP is “a stripped down live acoustic record that is a mix of old songs never released as well as some skeletons…dusted off and brought back to life.” I’m not sure whether the opening track, “Son”, falls into the former or latter category. Either way, it’s definitely an enjoyable listen.

Corusco hails from College Station, but the band will be up in Dallas this Friday.  They’ll play The Door for their EP release show for Don’t Give Up, a nice collection of indie pop-rock ditties in a similar vein to Valise, Northern National, and the like.  For a taste of their indie sweetness, take a bite of “Sugar Cube”.

Finally, I present to you Austin rapper D.O.S. and a track from his EP, Dillinger Arts.  Fans of old school soul samples and quick, sharp rhymes will definitely enjoy the EP and its opening track, “Voodoo”.

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